Indo Swim

You can swim for hours up here. The water is ultra-warm and crystal clear. Typically there are no rips, even in big surf. Usually, there’s a safe channel for paddling out alongside most breaks – that makes shooting a sinch.

The Indo surf season is now kicking off and a large south swell is due next week. We’re gonna miss it as our time on the boat has come to an end. We’ve had a blast.

I did a bit of filming with drones and stuff in Ments, click the below button for the 1-minute preview footage (more to come later…)

1 min. Preview of Mentawais Film

Throw, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


30 mins in between sets


Magic carpet rides


D-balls, investigation




Glass wall




Rain - hujan


Cyclops. Signing off from the Islands. Seeya back in Bondi

6 thoughts on “Indo Swim

  1. Uge, firstly want to say I love the daily photos! A mate from work forwarded an Aquabumps email late last year and I’ve been subscribed ever since… makes the corporate grind a little more bearable.

    Mentawais surf trip looks unreal… I’m hoping to plan one soon but have never done an overseas surf trip. Was hoping you could give me some tips on charters or companies to go through etc?


  2. I’m thinking of going to the Mentawai Islands in August this year – any recommendations of exactly where to go or stay? Or do you know any local places/surf schools/camps looking for yoga teaches or web designers (I do both!)

    Have loved the photos so far!

  3. Hi ya, big fan for years. The daily posts are a great distraction from earning a living. I noted in a recent post that you described the Ments as a goofy footers paradise. Could you perhaps name a location where a number of lefts are consistent for both low swell and bigger swells. Thankyou.

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