Moody Bondi, 6:30am today


These chunky swells are a little frustrating around the eastern suburbs. Even though it’s dropped considerably overnight (still 4-6 foot), the wild oceans just don’t break how we want ’em until its smaller, cleaner. Sheltered nooks like Manly should have something to shred… I know a few places out of town that would be cooking […]

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Lots of swell today, heaps of water moving

Wild Child

Oh man, it’s been windy. Wind is good, wind creates waves. When this wind dissipates there will be decent (clean) surf for us to talk about. At the moment it’s very wild out there. So wild I reckon your board would blow clean out of your hands before it even got to the water. Sheltered beaches […]

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The famous Tamarama overhang


You probably already know this, but Tamarama, just over the hill from Bondi used to be an amusement park based on Coney Island (1906 it opened). A rollercoaster ran from one side of the bay to the other. Mad huh. Interest in the park waned and swimmers protested so it closed in 19011. Ok ‘Nuf […]

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Moody Bondi morning, as a ship passes


Couldn’t sleep a damn wink last night – it was a hot and muggy night, wasn’t it? With that restless night followed a slight sleep in until 6 am and I missed a cracker sunrise that only lasted a minute or two. So before you hit reply or msg me, “Did you get it?” Nah…I […]

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Ian Wallace, one of the oldest groms on the beach


The swell has gone NE and Bondi is lacking. The great thing about Sydney is that we have beaches that face all kinds of directions, so if you just pop over the hill you will find something breaking. Tamarama had a few nuggets on the low tide. The tide is filling up now so I […]

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Rogue Tamarama, Sat 22 July 2017

Swell Hangover

Well…where do I start?  OK, maybe watch this first. The weekend was full of rogue south swell. What an action packed weekend! So much going on. 10 footers were a common sight. I thought it was quite hard to find surfable waves though. I didn’t search too hard, but it was maxing out, everywhere. Yesterday […]

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Bronte Pool, as quiet as ever this morning

Lucky 8

The number 8 is considered very lucky to the Chinese. Pronounce ‘Ba’…similar to ‘Fa’ which means making a fortune! This morning was 8 degrees down the beach. A very r-ucky morning indeed! A wealth of sunshine, windless beaches and warm water. All we need is swell. Great conditions for my six-year-old son. Come on Huey! Throw us […]

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Patience pays


It was a dark cold morning. I found myself kicking around waiting for some the light. We’ve now past the winter solstice (June 21) so the days will get longer slightly from here. Hooray. There are waves around, head high on sets. The offshores are grooming and making for good conditions. It’s pretty darn cold […]

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Fresh little peak getting tweaked

Well hello.

Coupla little waves on offer this morning. It ain’t pumping, but it’s contestable. A bit of junk in the morning sess, maybe that’ll get ironed out as the day progresses. Swell will go tiny tomorrow before rocking back up on Tuesday. Whilst were we scoring 8 foot plus in Mentawais last week Taj and a […]

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