Matty Gilsenan frontside tweaks


With an early SW wind, the beaches cleaned up a little. Not a bad morning to surf. The forecasted SE winds will return early, though…and corrupt the goodness. Rain. Well, still raining. Dum de dum. I reckon it bucketed on me multiple times this morning whilst I was trying to nail some sort of a […]

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The clarity of Bondi before all the rain 23rd Feb 2017

Feb Vs March

We’ve been experiencing a very wet March. I bet you didn’t know that historically March actually is the wettest month of the year? Yesterday, remnants of ex-cyclone Debbie blew and dowsed the city for hours. Its looking 1,000 times better right now (10:40 am Friday). 5 things you need to know about the weather: Partly sunny and […]

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Luke Bubba Kennedy, down the line turns at Tamarama

Debbie does…

Debbie is coming to town. She’s gonna take over. The deluge is just kicking off now as I write to you. The winds will hoooooowwwwl at 30 knots (from 2 pm today). Temperatures will drop into the afternoon and your garden is going to get a good dowsing. There was some NE swell at sunrise, in […]

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Andrew Weetman, morning log patrol, Bondi Beach before sunrise


It’s a good thing that it rained for weeks and weeks this month, as, when the weather came good, you REALLY enjoyed it. The weekend just gone in Sydney was immaculate. I am talking sunshine, waves, little wind….and perfect temps. Just glorious. This morning was no different. People walking around with a face full of […]

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Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean. The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun. Bondi looked ordinary but […]

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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop. New line. It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh? I have a confession, I slept in. […]

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Embrace the heat! It’s glorious, it’s a fat 37 right now and it’s all about to change soon. Very soon. Whilst you’re sweating, think of all the good stuff this heat brings: Your garden is thriving especially your tropical plants. Our gallery garden is turning into a mini-Amazon, gonna take over the street. A great […]

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Tamarama Rock swirls, yesterday


Everyone’s a little bit cranky due to the lack of waves. It’s been a while since we’ve really had something decent to ride, I know, I get it…breathe. Breathe. Breathe! Today’s ridiculously flat, welcome to Lake Bondi. It’s not often that the most die-hard beginners aren’t surfing Bondi. Glass half full – it’s been nice and […]

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It’s really calmed down a lot around here. The ocean has defaulted to it’s chilled state. Biggest wave I saw all morning was knee to waist high. It’s super clean and decent for a swim. This weekend a huge South swell is going to hit Sydney. I am talking 10 foot at magnets. Wind will […]

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