Rock pool discovery, Tamarama yesterday

Beach Contrasts

The northerlies blow, sun and crowds ram into the beaches (e.g. yesterday). The southerlies rock up, and it’s a ghost town (e.g. today). How good was yesterday; wow, Bondi and the surrounding bays were packed. Today, it’s cooler and threatening rain but deserted. No waves. A big weekend is coming up for the LGBTIQ community […]

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Giant closeouts from the weekend


The beach is completely deserted as the south change takes over. It’s raining, grey and definitely not a beach day. I did see rideable head-high waves, but it wasn’t enticing enough for most. I didn’t shoot it – due to mundane subject matter! Here are some images from the last 7 days around the neighbourhood. […]

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North swells and waves around the corner.

Change imminent

It’s a transition day, and we’re in the calm doldrums at midday. 0-1 knots of Westerly, which will kick to the south change, due any minute now; you can feel it coming. The skies are interesting; it’s either baking sunny or Singapore clouded; regardless, it’s beautiful in the brine. The swell is very North, which […]

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34 degrees yesterday and Sydney hit the beach. Bronte around midday


Yesterday was a busy beach day around Sydney, soaking up mid-thirties and leftovers from Saturday’s giant swell. It was huge, wasn’t it? See my IG stories for some waves at Ben Buckler. Today, the swell has dropped a couple of gears, and we have chest-high, lumpy surf. This morning, it looks tricky at Bondi, fat […]

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Crazy times on a crazy beach. Sunday


After a rainy Saturday, the masses flocked to a sunny Sunday in Bondi. It was quite a lot to get your head around, and sometimes, it felt a little out of control. Let me talk you through what I witnessed: On the point, the Chilean DJ had a crack at another rave party, but the […]

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Paradise! Saturday at North Bondi


Bondi Beach was busting at the seams over the weekend with activity. Wow, there was so much going on – I was glad to see a quiet, rainy beach day today to give it a break. So what did you miss? The Australian Open of Surfing finals were held at Bondi yesterday in the worst […]

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Bondi - rammed!


Sydney was graced with a special kinda weekend, small (yet fun) waves and exquisite weather. Today is no exception; it’s another cracker. Yesterday, the beaches of Sydney were packed, and to double that, Sculptures drew its usual crowds. Bondi was a hive of activity. Wow. Monday 6am, all back to normal, quiet days. I saw […]

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Still good supply of swell, just a bit junkie today

Glory Dayz

Today’s not yesterday. Yesterday was kinda pumping. Today’s still got waves, but it’s got junk on it and I only rate surfing 3/10 – but it’s 10/10 for a morning swim. Reviewing all the beaches from my bike, I barely saw anyone ride a decent wave. Perhaps it’s the 6:00 a.m. low tide making it […]

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OCÉANE JACOB's great white


The swell has kinked around to the east and is coming in hot. Many breaks today would be hosting goodness (Sydney works well in this swell direction with plenty of options). I would like to see more water on it so the ratio of closeouts is healthier. (low tide was around 5:15am) West winds now, […]

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Cemetery burns on piping close outs. 7am


It’s currently 28 degrees and about to skyrocket to 36. The weather people have now declared an official El Niño year with dry and hot conditions to follow. The beach has been filling up since 5:30 am this morning, and I’m not just talking Bondi – all the beaches around here at mega-activity. The water […]

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Big bomb sets at Bondi this morning. You need to be Toledo to make the section

Straight lines

Today has a similar theme to the rest of the week – smokey and straight. We have so much swell in town; it’s relentless, but there’s just nowhere handling it well around here. I barely saw anyone catch a non-close-out all morning. Uber clean conditions, gentle winds and ubiquitous sunshine. Swell will start to taper […]

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Double head high for little Wilbur Ryall. Charging!


Today will be the warmest day we’ve had in a long time. 25. As we transition into spring, the sun rises earlier and the days longer. The swell has bent around to the East, meaning south-facing Bondi will be neglected and small. Other east-facing magnets should be attracting the odd head-high wave, but I found […]

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Every now and then, a decent set


Another mighty fine start to a day: sun, waves and light winds. It was very cool (7) at sunrise but rapidly heating to its forecasted maximum of 21 degrees. (tomorrow will be 25!) Unfortunately, like the rest of this week, mornings are a terrible time to surf with the dawn lower tides. These abundant sandbanks […]

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