Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean. The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun. Bondi looked ordinary but […]

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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop. New line. It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh? I have a confession, I slept in. […]

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Embrace the heat! It’s glorious, it’s a fat 37 right now and it’s all about to change soon. Very soon. Whilst you’re sweating, think of all the good stuff this heat brings: Your garden is thriving especially your tropical plants. Our gallery garden is turning into a mini-Amazon, gonna take over the street. A great […]

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Tamarama Rock swirls, yesterday


Everyone’s a little bit cranky due to the lack of waves. It’s been a while since we’ve really had something decent to ride, I know, I get it…breathe. Breathe. Breathe! Today’s ridiculously flat, welcome to Lake Bondi. It’s not often that the most die-hard beginners aren’t surfing Bondi. Glass half full – it’s been nice and […]

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It’s really calmed down a lot around here. The ocean has defaulted to it’s chilled state. Biggest wave I saw all morning was knee to waist high. It’s super clean and decent for a swim. This weekend a huge South swell is going to hit Sydney. I am talking 10 foot at magnets. Wind will […]

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Pitter patter

Aquabumps HQ is an old mechanics workshop in Bondi Beach. The old tin roof sounds like a machine gun when she’s raining a lot. It’s gonna rain all day I hear – but clear up for tomorrow. The rest of the week is going to be fantastic. So…on this rainy Monday, crank the work out […]

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Nice little setup this morning. Barely any wind, clean surfaces, 1-2 footers from the ESE and plenty of sunshine. The water was pretty special. Warm and clear. No substantial swells on the horizon. This time of year we normally get some beef. C’mon Huey. Pray for swell. :: uge

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Turbo Bay

Oh man we’re having such a good run of Autumn swell. It just keeps on providing. Today we have 3-5 footers from the SE with perfectly grooming, offshore west winds. To make things even better it’s going to be 25 degrees and sunny. Write this down. Autumn is a good time to have a week […]

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G’day. Nice morning. Didn’t last long as the onshores came in early (9am). We’ve got pleasant 1-3 footers of ENE swell that will continue grow for the next coupla. Go sample the current bath-like conditions out there. It’s a treat. :: oogie.

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