::Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist high on sets (just), Mal dayClean crisp conditions for a microscopic NE wind swell. Not worth surfing – perhaps take the mal out for a muck around. But that’s about it. Biggest sets were around waist high and really infrequent. Sun is shining and morning temperatures are on the increase. Maximum of 21 degrees today. I’ve got a new lens and it’s a beast…400mm 2.8. So now you’ll see me draggin’ half a tonne of lens down the beach with me. Think I might need a wheel barrow soon.

Wind: W/NW 20/30 knots turning S/SW 20/30 knots in the late afternoon. I bring great news – waves are coming. Tomorrow morning will be small, but building to over head high waves in the afternoon. Could be a bit onshore by the time it comes. Thursday looks like the peak of it (5 foot) before it slowly declines into the weekend. Friday/Saturday still head high and fun. Brad Valenti memorial was called off last Saturday due to lack of surf. Its back on this Satruday…same deal as last weekend.
Junto, a local rock band who you’d probably seen goin’ nuts at the Wonderland Parties, are having a big gig this Saturday night at the TRANSIT lounge (Metro Theatre). Doors from 7:30pm. Tickets via emailing [email protected] (or just roll up with bells firmly attached) Check their site for more details : www.junto.com.au

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::Friday, 27 August 2004

Bondi 7am 1 foot and not pumping1 foot dribbly bumps lapping into Bondi this morning. Virtually no power to even push a 5 year old grommie (or Beo). Swell is coming from north east which is a good sign of summer coming. Wind: NW 10/15 knots tending NE 10/15 knots in the afternoon and SE 10/15 knots in the evening. Nice day – 24 degrees with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.

Looks like 1 foot northerly windswell for the weekend. Come down to Bondi tomorrow for the Brad Valenti memorial surf comp. Starts at 8am and beers at the beach road hotel afterwards. Info – Ben Davies. Avagoodweekend. Shooting in the water with the new 17mm-40mm Canon lens. It rocks. <Insert Canon sponsorship here>

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::Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bondi 7am 1-2 foot, forgetaboutitIt’s a day for the beginners. Tiny weak waves were struggling to produce anything decent. Long waits between ripples and a huge morning crowd enjoying the sunshine. Great morning to be doing something other than surfing, water is still chilly 17 degrees, but worth a dip. I’m sorry to report that the next 5 days looks quite dismal on the swell front so expect to see those twitchn’ man grommmies to be loitering in car parks on skate boards, hanging out in the park or filling up the pub. Wind: NE/NW 5/10 knots tending NE 20/25 knots in the afternoon. Maximum of 23 degrees today – perfect day. Get outside – spring is near. You’ll get this email late today. Sorry, still resolving techo problems.

The Brad Valenti memorial surf comp is on this Saturday 28th August (not Sunday as mentioned in my previous emails). If you need any further info email Ben Davies. Brad Valenti was an old school Bondi local who passed away in 1995 only aged 23 years old. He was a real character in area and respected surfer. Everyone welcome to surf or just come down and watch.

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::Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bondi 2-3 Foot, playful but bit on the small side, crowded
As expected the swell has retreated overnight robbing us of the fun head high chunx of yesterday. It is still surfable, yet small and crowded – unfortunately predicted to drop as the day progresses. On the bright side, it feels like summer with salubrious sunshine, light offshore breezes and a strange morning mist that hid North Bondi headland from view. This southern swell will only show at beaches facing south, and the next couple of days looks microscopic…so it may be a good day to join the Page boys down the beach, slap on the baby oil and parade around in those speedos – not!
If you’ve been receiving my emails in the middle of the night – sorry. Havin’ a shocker with technical problems which should be rectified today (fingers crossed). A special thanks to Ben Emblin for kindly loaning his Canon 10D to Aquabumps whilst mine is in repair. So expect more water shots for the next week…

Don’t forget the Brad Valenti memorial surf comp on this Saturday at Bondi. (sorry I thought it was Sunday – but its this Satruday!) Even if you don’t enter, why not come down and sit on the hill and watch some good surfing action. Or hit the Beach Road Hotel on Sat nite for the after party. Keen to surf? 1st Heat starts at 8am Sat. Cadets and juniors need to enlist via Crack surf shop by tomorrow (Thursday). Cost $20. Heaps of prizes up for grabs. Any questions – email BEN DAVIES.

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::Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bondi 6:30am 3-4foot, quite straightYou could feel summer coming in air this morning. Loads of activity down Bondi – joggers, walkers, rollerbladers, surfers..The chill has disappeared and the sun was partly shining. Gentle offshore winds creating good surfaces for 3-4 foot bumps rolling into Bondeee. Only 1 thing missing – banks (standard). Real noice right hander in the middle very early (6:20am) which got straighter as the tide approached the daily low. So surf it on a mid tide and you shall score some decent chunx. Its quite meaty…so I would suggest heading off in the car in search of decent banks or a reef break. You’d def. find something to tear up. Sorry if you got yesterdays email late…techo problema. Also I create these photo borders in Photoshop – not bought (get heaps of mail about ’em).

Wind: NW 5/10 knots morning, turning N/NE 13/18 knots afternoon. High tide 14:37 Low tide 07:49 Prediction: Tomorrow: smaller – head high, NW winds early, Thursday smaller again, Friday micro and Saturday forgetaboutit.

Bondi Board riders have the Brad Valenti memorial surf comp on this Sunday in memory of a surfer who died some years back aged just 23. It starts at 8am sharp (first heat in the water) and cadets and juniors need to have entered by Thursday as their heats will be drawn up in advance. The heat draw will be available from Krack on Friday after 2pm.
Entry is $20 and includes a t-shirt (under 35, you have to surf to get one). $20 also includes the preso and party at the Beach Road Hotel where they’re kindly putting on a keg, BBQ, and DJ’s Paddy and Pops. The day will be filmed and a highlights package of all heats will be screened that night, kicking off at 6.30 in the beer garden.
First prize in the opens is a custom Will Webber surfboard, and as well as trophies there will be big prizes in all divisions from the sponsors Electric sunglasses, DC shoes, DaKine accessories, Ferst clothing, and Excel wetsuits.

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::Monday, August 23, 2004

Bondi 7am – 3 foot all over the shopNothin’ much to get excited about this morning. Swell size has increased overnight producing waves around head high – but it’s seriously lacking shape. Really bumpy, messy & weak. Bit all over the shop. Not many crew out… Tomorrow is looking bigger (and hopefully better). Wind: S/SW 5/10 knots tending S/SE 10/15 knots in the afternoon. High tide 13:31 Low tide 06:52.

What do you get if you put Taj + Joel + Trent + jetski into the world’s largest wave pool (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia) ? Some very rad aerials. Check out STAB surf mag for full story.

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::Friday, August 20, 2004

Bondi 3 foot – looking the goodsSensational sunny morning with clean head high waves pumpin’ into Bondi. This week’s south swell is hanging in there to produce some decent waves – worthy of a paddle. Big crew out at middle Bondi scoring some good lefts on a newly formed bank. Southern corner has nothing but fat burgers – no sand there. Winds won’t be a problem today, W/NW 8 knots now (offshore) and NE 5/50knots later on, however this swell doesn’t look that solid to me…so I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops again overnight. Best time – right now (9am). Tomorrow looks similar with smaller but surfable waves and good weather. Sunday same… High tide 10:56 Low tide 16:50. Don’t forget www.snowbumps.com lives…snow is going off.

Bondi boardriders is back on this Sunday. Conditions look favourable for it to run (not like last month), so get down to the skate ramp at Bondi on Sunday at 8am, sign up and see how you do. New members welcome. Ask for Ben Davies or Ian Wallace if you’re a newbie.

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::Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bondi 7:20am – 3/4foot, messy but a couple coming throughHola Ninos! Rain has stopped this morning which allowed me to take a few snaps. All this rain…but in the wrong spot? How about a little in those damns.

Swell has declined and now waves are up around the 3-4 foot mark from the south. Offshore winds this morning before dropping and swinging around to the E/SE (onshore) 8 knots. It’s surfable, but inconsistent and messy. A very unsettled ocean producing random bumps – however I saw the odd decent chunk with wall amongst many fat burgers. Worth a sniff. Barely anyone out.
Anyone know anything about insuring your photography gear? I am looking for good deal. (email [email protected]) Also, I just found out my 500mm lens is out of action for 8 weeks?don’t suppose anyone has a Canon EOS lens 400mm or up to 800mm lying around that they want to lend me? (grin…don’t ask – don’t get) Or anyone selling one for an absolute steal? <Insert Canon sponsorship here – beg>
If you’re in the market for a new guitar, I have a hot deal for you. Haworth Guitars in Kiama (NSW south coast – good surf) are offering Aquabumpians 15% off RRP, free deluxe case worth $159, free delivery within Australia and free setup/service. How about a Maton Guitar (used by Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and John Butler). Click here to buy online. When purchasing on-line please use this promotion code 15568 to get the Bumps hot deal.

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::Tuesday, 17th August

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::Friday, August 13, 2004

Bondi – 2-3 foot, quite straightHad to happen…yep, swell is on the decline after a sensational week of surfing. Still surfable today with the odd head high set out at Bondi, however suffering the lack of decent banks (broken record?). Couple of waves in the corner, but not as good as it’s been. Should have been out there yesterday.

Decided to shoot in the water this morning. Grey skies creating pretty average shots. Have to surf south swell magnets until Monday before some new chunks rock our way. Wind: NW 15/25 knots strengthening to 25/30 knots in the afternoon and evening. High tide 06:32 Low tide 12:04 Have a great weekend.
The ‘snap off the lip’ film night is on again in January. Last year was a great success. So now is the time to get filming those 5 minute surf movies. Remember have to be from a beach between Palmy and Cronulla to qualify. Pries?new custom boards.

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::Tuesday, 10th August

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::Friday, August 06, 2004

Bondi 7am – 3 foot, fat and bit of fun.
Aaaha. It arrived. Last night the swell picked up as predicted and we’ve got shoulder to head high waves at Bondi this morning. Quite a few crew out early this morning enjoying clean offshores and some fun waves. As mentioned in my past 10 reports, there are no decent banks at Bondi – so wave shape is pretty ordinary, either fat burgers or closing out. Think we need a ferocious storm to stir up the sand and get it moving again. Especially before next week as it looks like were in for some good surf. Yeha! There is loads of south in this swell, so you’ll only find waves at beaches that face south (e.g. Bondi, Curly blah blah). I reckon head high plus tomorrow, similar on Sunday and bigger on Monday. High tide 12:37 Low tide 18:42 Have fun!

I have 5 of the latest Beastie Boys CDs to give away "To the 5 Boroughs". To be in the draw to win a copy, just answer this question: Where did Tom Carroll learn to surf? Email your answer to [email protected]. Winners announced Monday.

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::Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bondi 8:30am – knee high, straightThe waves have picked up slightly overnight, but before you get too excited, it’s gone from totally flat to knee to waist high. Bondi has absolutely no banks and it pretty much breaking straight, so best give it a miss. Winds are currently clean offshore – this is predicted to blow 25 knots (SW) by late morning. Crystal ball says this micro south swell will increase overnight producing 3 footers for tomorrow and Saturday. (pray for swell). High tide 11:49 Low tide 17:44.

Don’t forget to submit your mugshot into the Aquabumps.com website. Click here. You could win a cool surfing book…(ends 13th Aug)
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::Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Bondi – flat.Pancakes today. Nothing to surf (or shoot). Do something else, mow the lawn, fix dings, work up brownie points with your girl (or boy).


Thusday – flat like today
Friday – Waves pick up slightly to 2 foot, small.
Saturday same as Friday
Sunday decent 3 footers at south facing wave magnets.

Don’t forget surf movies at North Bondi RSL tomorrow night (Thurs 5th August). 7:30pm: The Innermost Limits (shot by George Greenbough) , 8:30pm: Morning of the Earth (70’s surf fick). $5 for both movies – bargain. More info, see Aquabumps notice board.
Don’t forget www.snowbumps.com

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::Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Curl Curl 6:30am small small smallWhat happened? Who turned the waves off? Yesterday was looking great and then the one day wonder swell ran away…

Trying to spread the Bumps around the place and took a (early) drive to Curl Curl to see whether the south swell was getting in there. Nup. 6 guys out playing on waist to shoulder high weak waves. Great sunrise on the cliff edge – pure gold. Looks like the NW wind is going to deteriorate this micro swell and there won’t be much left for the rest of the week.
Curl Curl is a good looking beach on the north side of Sydney (for those not from here). Picks up any hint of a south swell. The sand is clean and is relatively deserted in the morning (very different to Bondage). The name Curl Curl was probably an accidental variation of the same Aboriginal term "Curial Curial" which referred to the passage of man on the river of life. Curly is home to many great surfers…like six time womens world champion Layne Beachely. 1 problem…that Spit Bridge is a nightmare for traffic.
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