::Friday, August 13, 2004

Bondi – 2-3 foot, quite straight
Had to happen…yep, swell is on the decline after a sensational week of surfing. Still surfable today with the odd head high set out at Bondi, however suffering the lack of decent banks (broken record?). Couple of waves in the corner, but not as good as it’s been. Should have been out there yesterday.

Decided to shoot in the water this morning. Grey skies creating pretty average shots. Have to surf south swell magnets until Monday before some new chunks rock our way. Wind: NW 15/25 knots strengthening to 25/30 knots in the afternoon and evening. High tide 06:32 Low tide 12:04 Have a great weekend.

The ‘snap off the lip’ film night is on again in January. Last year was a great success. So now is the time to get filming those 5 minute surf movies. Remember have to be from a beach between Palmy and Cronulla to qualify. Pries?new custom boards.

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