::Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bondi 6:30am 3-4foot, quite straight
You could feel summer coming in air this morning. Loads of activity down Bondi – joggers, walkers, rollerbladers, surfers..The chill has disappeared and the sun was partly shining. Gentle offshore winds creating good surfaces for 3-4 foot bumps rolling into Bondeee. Only 1 thing missing – banks (standard). Real noice right hander in the middle very early (6:20am) which got straighter as the tide approached the daily low. So surf it on a mid tide and you shall score some decent chunx. Its quite meaty…so I would suggest heading off in the car in search of decent banks or a reef break. You’d def. find something to tear up. Sorry if you got yesterdays email late…techo problema. Also I create these photo borders in Photoshop – not bought (get heaps of mail about ’em).

Wind: NW 5/10 knots morning, turning N/NE 13/18 knots afternoon. High tide 14:37 Low tide 07:49 Prediction: Tomorrow: smaller – head high, NW winds early, Thursday smaller again, Friday micro and Saturday forgetaboutit.

Bondi Board riders have the Brad Valenti memorial surf comp on this Sunday in memory of a surfer who died some years back aged just 23. It starts at 8am sharp (first heat in the water) and cadets and juniors need to have entered by Thursday as their heats will be drawn up in advance. The heat draw will be available from Krack on Friday after 2pm.

Entry is $20 and includes a t-shirt (under 35, you have to surf to get one). $20 also includes the preso and party at the Beach Road Hotel where they’re kindly putting on a keg, BBQ, and DJ’s Paddy and Pops. The day will be filmed and a highlights package of all heats will be screened that night, kicking off at 6.30 in the beer garden.

First prize in the opens is a custom Will Webber surfboard, and as well as trophies there will be big prizes in all divisions from the sponsors Electric sunglasses, DC shoes, DaKine accessories, Ferst clothing, and Excel wetsuits.

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