Tuesday, January 30, 2007

?"Ok so what’s going on?" I hear you say. Intermittent Aquabumps reports rockin’ in at odd times from all over the place. One word – Bali. Yep I’m back in the smokin’ island paradise amongst the wet season (which seems pretty damn hot and dry to me).

bali gallery.So why so much time in Indo? Muslim wife? Reunite with heritage? Nasty Goreng addiction? Vegemite Mule? Baaah. Working on the new Aquabumps bling bling gallery which is based within the Sentosa luxury resort (Semingyak). This gallery is killer at about 4 times the size of the current North Bondage version. More details when she’s finished…
bondi.Back in Bondi it looks like you’ve had a good old time with some decent south swell recently. Last Sunday was apparently smokin’ and you’ve still got 3 footers at south facing beaches today (good weather too at 27 degrees). The good news is that tomorrow/Thursday you should see more swell coming. So work hard now to free yourself up for the tail end of this week.
swell drought.Bali has been in a swell drought for a couple of months now (so say the local mob). No major swells this wet season (yet). At this time of year it’s offshore on the other side of the island (Nusa Dua/Sanur). Today we surfed a little volcanic beach tucked well away from anything at only a weak 2/3 foot. Tomorrow should see a small increase in size…::later, uge
Ps – Did you know that the Balinese use ducks as a natural pesticide to keep their crops keen?

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ugly.Damn she’s an ugly one this morning. Just couldn’t bring myself to show you five pics of rainy 2 foot slight onshore Bondi dribbles. At least the water temperature has kicked back up to doable levels.

So it’s going to rain today with S/SE winds 10/15knots. Land temperature will reach a mild 25 degrees. You won’t be surfing much on the long weekend until a very windy Saturday kicks up some swell for Sunday where the weather should also improve. But hey its gonna be 3-4 foot on Sunday so hang in there.
WARNING: Google earth is addictive. If you’ve got one of the cushy jobs where you can hide… hours can be wasted searching Google earth for new surf breaks, looking down girls tops & seeing what’s in ya neighbors yard. Well on Jan 26th (tomorrow) A Google plane will fly over Sydney taking photographs for Google Maps. Great opportunity to get a bunch of mates together and do something creepy. I’ve hired a dozer to inscribe Aquabumps into Bondi beach. Check this link to see what time you have to be where. Love those Google geeks::ugenius

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Damn hot’n’sticky in the jungle this morning. Could cook things in my pants. That water temp has crept up after yesterday’s howling southerlies. So you’re safe from a heart palpitation as you lap up 19 degrees on your morning dip.

Wind is non-existent early, but will swing to the E and then NE this afternoon (strong NE 15/20 kts) . South swell kicked up yesterday producing consistent 3 footers, now a tad smaller but still fun. Not much power seeing its locally generated swell. Expect the swell to swing to the east by the afternoon and pick up another notch (as the period increases).
So why has the water been so cold eh? Kellie from Bondi Beach Toni&Guy ( 70 Hall Street) has donated a prize for the best explanation – yep a haircut. Um got 146 responses. 90% are blaming the thousands of cold blooded pommes in the water at the moment. Here are two others…
1. esky ice. "Every weekend when we finish our barby and beers at Manly, we throw the ice out of the eskys off near the Bower. It appears that the constant north-easters have been blowing the floating ice down to Bondi and cooling down the local waters. Normally in the southerlies it would float up to Longy." Ben Grauer
But here is a more scientific reason: (from Allan Young who wins the haircut)
2. ekman transport."The short answer is that these conditions affect much of the NSW coastline, and are caused by several days in a row of fresh to strong NE winds.
You need the winds to blow for a few days because it takes a lot to peel off the top level of warm water and let the deeper cold water rise up. This is an ‘upwelling’ and can bring cold water from hundreds of metres below the surface.
Thats the easy part. What most people can’t get their head around is why a wind from the north east (ie hotter regions) doesn’t blow warm water onto the beach.
So here is where the phenomenon of "Ekman transportâ„¢" kicks in. Ekman figured out that the end effect of several days of a northerly or nor’easter is to push surface water 90 degrees to the left of the wind direction. To save you the maths – it means surface water gets transported east and south east. Thats out to sea. But it doesn’t transport the deeper colder water nearly as much. Result – warm surface water sitting offshore; cold water at the beach.
We have had heaps of strong nor’easters this month – more than usual. Thats why its particularly cold. It will take a fairly strong and persistent southerly change to counteract the conditions." or read Ben Matson’s weather guru summary::uge

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Busted thermostat.The current water temp is just ridiculous. 15 degrees of shrinkage doesn’t sound cold, but it is. Especially when we can get up to 23 degrees around here at this time of year. I was gonna get some nerdy scientist to write up a synopsis explaining the current changes blah…my take is that 10 days of northerlies does this. Send us your theories and I see if I can dig out a prize.
Today is the last cold water day as a new southerly weather pattern kicks in for the week. This means a few things: clouds/rain/grey will spoil our hot run later today, water temp. should increase, winds will be SW this morning and SE 15-20 knots this afternoon, swell direction will swing to south this afternoon and cooler temperatures will prevail for the rest of the week. Surfing this week is pretty lame with no major swells due. Yawn. Tomorrow is probably your best bet – maybe south 3ft/NE wind.
Currently we’ve got a good looking morning with 1-2 foot weak wind dribbles (that short interval stuff). So go swim before the weather changes later today. Laters:uge

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Slurpee.Suck down those raspberry ice slurpies too fast and you’ll be in a whole world pain when that pea sized brain freezes up. Kinda similar to today’s beach conditions. All hot and sweaty in the jungle – the sun’s got that summer’s sting, everyone’s parading around in not much at all…dang…but do a ‘Hoff’ style running entrance into the water and expect some shrinkage. She’s cold. Like all 16 degrees of it. Damn northerlies. Wear a wettie.
Specifics: Land temp max 29. First light at 5:30am. N/NE 10/15 kts, increasing to 20/25 kts in the afternoon. High tide 9am, low tide 15:50, high 21:45. Similar conditions tomorrow but a bit hotter.
Waves.This NE swell continues to supply us with small 2 foot waves at exposed beaches. But it’s a wind swell. Weak and bendy lines wonkin’ into our bays. The 9am high tide porked up most breaks early today. So I wouldn’t be rushing down…weather looks mostly good on the weekend so you can get a fix. Lots of people asking me where yesterdays pics were from (il Wedge). I was vague on purpose… Have a great weekend ::uge P.S. Come to the Aquabumps Gallery in North Bondi if you’re heading down the beach. Open 10am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday. info

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Made a wrong turn off Campbell Parade and ended up at the Wedge. Not a bad mistake seeing a) it loves the north wind/north east swell combo & b) world’s number 25 Luke Stedman, shaper Lee Stacey & Fin Wiz Kid Tim Dey were beltn’ it for six.
This locally generated wind swell managed to throw some sets around 3 feet. Its generally pretty bumpy & lacking punch – but fun. The insistent Northerly winds are revealing that frosty current that makes the water feel like winter (wettie required unless tough guy). Big high tide this morning at 8:22am. Lower tide should show some improvement at exposed beaches. Winds will howl northerly at 25 knots later today as the land temp. heats up to 27 degrees… Similar conditions tomorrow. Love that summer::uge (north de border)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Work.Some work. Some don’t. Seems a lot don’t today. This afternoons bumps were shot through the thousands of crew enjoying this salubrious weather down at Bondi. So if you’re reading this you’re probably one of the ‘some work’ crew. (eeck) Well if its any consolation the surf is pretty small 2-foot-wind-waves from the NE. It’s weak. Doable(ish). Just good for a muck around. Bondi wasn’t really attracting much swell facing the wrong way. Tomorrow – smaller and still NE’s. No major swells to report. Swimtime.
Weekend.This weekend it will be a fat 31 degrees on Saturday and real fat 36 degrees on Sunday. So who’s having the arvo party? Maybe tie up ten boats in a row in the harbour?
later ron::uge

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The small increase in east swell didn’t really kick in that’s for shizzle. Pretty similar to yesterday. It’s micro and suitable for the newbies to the sport. Bondi had knee to waist high dribbles with a massive crowd optimistically staring into the early morning horizon inferno. Good light early. Bit cloudy now. May improve later on a lower tide but really you’d want to be keen. This week ain’t too flash for a wave. Swell size peaks tomorrow morning before the period drops out of it creating sub 2 footers for at least 6 days…
Rotto Raft Up.
Now here is something to do when there are no waves… Get 500 of your mates and tie about 10 mil worth of boats together in a bay out of the back of Rottnest Island (you’re all making too much money over there). Add a cranking stezza or two, turn the heat up to 38 degrees and you’ve got the annual Rotto Boxing Day Raft up. Took some pics before it got real messy. Best day of the year over there. Insane. Check out pics

Support SurfAid by heading to BBs in Bondi tonight. 7pm it starts featuring Beau Young, The Sniffer Dogs (Reggae, Funk) & Cass Eager. Cost ya 10 bucks available at the door. All money raised by tickets and raffle will be donated to SurfAid! Dooit. www.surfaidinternational.org
Last week I was lurking up the north coast of NSW. Rocked up to a beachie that had been pumping for the past few months…and yep, it looked like it was working at 3-4 foot. But eh? Not a sole out. 30 minutes before our arrival Tracks surf photographer Dave Sparks had his board bitten by a shark. He was uninjured but very rattled said guys on beach. They’re around…

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Back On.
3 weeks off and now we’re back…hope the festive season has been treating you well. You’re probably day 1 into your detox. To kick off this year we’ve got micro 1 footers down at Bondage. Ok, maybe the odd 2 foot set. Forget the boards and go for a swim as it’s a cracker morning…
Currently we’ve got gentle east winds that will swing NE this afternoon. Swell is from the SSE now, it’ll tip a bit to the east this afternoon, before increasing a foot or so for tomorrow. Perfect beach weather every day this week – no rain + decent temperatures.
Best days to score a few waves are Tuesday/Wednesday when the east swell comes up. You’ll need to hunt the east facing beaches to get the most out of this small inbound swell.
Spent a couple of weeks sniffin’ around west oz and found some clear water, decent waves down south and couple big booze-a-thons. The big state is still booming in more ways than one. Check out some fotos


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