Friday, January 19, 2007

Suck down those raspberry ice slurpies too fast and you’ll be in a whole world pain when that pea sized brain freezes up. Kinda similar to today’s beach conditions. All hot and sweaty in the jungle – the sun’s got that summer’s sting, everyone’s parading around in not much at all…dang…but do a ‘Hoff’ style running entrance into the water and expect some shrinkage. She’s cold. Like all 16 degrees of it. Damn northerlies. Wear a wettie.

Specifics: Land temp max 29. First light at 5:30am. N/NE 10/15 kts, increasing to 20/25 kts in the afternoon. High tide 9am, low tide 15:50, high 21:45. Similar conditions tomorrow but a bit hotter.

This NE swell continues to supply us with small 2 foot waves at exposed beaches. But it’s a wind swell. Weak and bendy lines wonkin’ into our bays. The 9am high tide porked up most breaks early today. So I wouldn’t be rushing down…weather looks mostly good on the weekend so you can get a fix. Lots of people asking me where yesterdays pics were from (il Wedge). I was vague on purpose… Have a great weekend ::uge P.S. Come to the Aquabumps Gallery in North Bondi if you’re heading down the beach. Open 10am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday. info

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