Thursday, January 18, 2007

Made a wrong turn off Campbell Parade and ended up at the Wedge. Not a bad mistake seeing a) it loves the north wind/north east swell combo & b) world’s number 25 Luke Stedman, shaper Lee Stacey & Fin Wiz Kid Tim Dey were beltn’ it for six.

This locally generated wind swell managed to throw some sets around 3 feet. Its generally pretty bumpy & lacking punch – but fun. The insistent Northerly winds are revealing that frosty current that makes the water feel like winter (wettie required unless tough guy). Big high tide this morning at 8:22am. Lower tide should show some improvement at exposed beaches. Winds will howl northerly at 25 knots later today as the land temp. heats up to 27 degrees… Similar conditions tomorrow. Love that summer::uge (north de border)

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