Navigating turbulence

The Weekly Distraction

Welcome back to your weekly visual distractor, where we go to the beach and hide from all things Rona. The daily images will return, soon, real soon…so this is just a passing phase. The majority of you are reading from home, probably at a kitchen table with kids screaming in your ear as you try […]

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World Photography Day

When I started photography, it was for the dorky kids at school (i.e. me), and nobody was interested. I hijacked the empty school darkroom and taught myself black & white film photography processing (mostly when I was meant to be in other classes).⁠⁠I then set up a darkroom in my Mum’s laundry. She hated it […]

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Foam slider

Lie Low

How’s your Coronacation going? Super productive WFH? Quality time with the fam? Is homeschooling the highlight of the day? (Actually, a mild form of torture is more like it). Ah-huh. I know. I hear ya. Yep. I’ve got a few distractions for you: Watch the World Surfing League Corona Open in Mexico at one of […]

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Simmer, Italy

Italian Lido

August in Europe is party-time. It’s when everyone takes a month off to hit the beaches, chill, and work on their tans. This August, (now), most of Europe is back open for business. For example, Italy will let tourists land after a couple of jabs or a few tests to see if you have that […]

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What is this now, a weekly photo newsletter? Unprecedented times! How are you going to get through all this! Hahaha. Everybody’s routines are messed up at the moment, I’ve started not showering in the morning, it really helps to keep people more than 1.5 metres away! (Wifie not so happy) I asked my kids where […]

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