Lie Low

How’s your Coronacation going? Super productive WFH? Quality time with the fam? Is homeschooling the highlight of the day? (Actually, a mild form of torture is more like it).

Ah-huh. I know. I hear ya. Yep.
I’ve got a few distractions for you:

Watch the World Surfing League Corona Open in Mexico at one of the funnest waves in the world, Barra De La Cruz. A sand bottom tubular point break that looks like something I used to draw on my school books. Watch

Lockdowns are good for bingeing on TV. White Lotus is a good new series, we love Below Deck Med/Croatia, Bloodline, Halston or Marcella. Or if you’re really bored watch our video section of Aquabumps.

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Not a skerrick of swell about, an abundance of sunshine. Lie low guys, keep apart, do the right thing.

:: uge

Flattening the curve



Wifie and Jetty

Long hike home


Kindred spirits




The wait


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