Pool Party - Icebergs


Well, guess what? Another grey start to the day…looming dark clouds making the light very flat and bland. Good to see some clean waves around head high breaking at Bondi. Loads of crew up early and on it – we haven’t had many surfing opportunities recently, and this looks to be the best day of […]

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Hellmen at Bronte having a crack 6:45am


Today is a big day both in the surf and online. There’s plenty of energy in both. With the odd monster set, Bronte to Bondi had some very chunky-chunks, easily double head high+. Not many takers as the work-to-reward equation were off – so much paddling, so little surfing! I feel it’s gonna drop off […]

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Just outside Cooma

Nero Friday

We’ve got relentless rain for most of the Eastern seaboard of Australia. You couldn’t ask for a better day to host a BLACK FRIDAY onshore shopping bonanza. Everybody is busy emptying their carts, chasing the discounts as we all hide indoors. As I write, 25 knots of southerly is ripping Bondi waves apart. It’s chest […]

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New surfboard model - 50/50 (half concrete). Goes good. Ice-cream spray extra


These rainy one foot days seem to be all the rage lately. I’m ready for our next phase though – how about 3 feet and sunny. Is that too much to ask for?  I’m glad our dams are filling, our farmer’s drought quenched, and the gallery garden is looking Amazonian. It’s official, this summer will be […]

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Muted skies, dribbly surf, warm water


There are only a few dribbles around this morning, leftovers from yesterday. The surf is very weak and small – even my kids had trouble finding waves worth slaying. It’s overcast, grey, humid, windless and not incredibly photogenic. The good news is, there’s a big south swell heading our way this weekend. Boardriders will be […]

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Our local clubs were very active this morning #clubbylife


I was so happy to see sunshine this morning, even though it was only a brief gap in the clouds. I can do onshore, but onshore AND dark is hard to polish up. The nemesis 10 knot ESE winds affect all Sydney’s beaches. The beaches are junkie. You cannot hide from this wind – it’s […]

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North Bondi

Onshore Flow

It’s been onshore for a few days now, and the ocean looks like a junkyard. Eighteen knots of SSE is making things unsurfable, unenjoyable and keeping me highly productive at work, inside. There was a short twinkle of colour at sunrise, it was brief, so many of you would have missed it. The beach was […]

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It's the weekend!

Free Pineapples

It was a tough morning to shine up the overcast mundane conditions into a series of riveting images. Sluggish one footers broke on a couple of peaks, best suited to 20-kilo groms. The skies are dark, and we’ve had patchy rain already as the mercury creeps to a balmy 25 degrees. Winds are north and […]

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Bondi's title from the 80s

Sc*m Valley

The good times continue as we have a combination of small waves, sunshine and clean morning conditions. It doesn’t have a lot of push, sets are infrequent, but it was a refreshing start to the day. At 5:30 am, there was an excellent spray of pinks from the horizon. You gotta get up early to […]

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Bondi was busy this morning.

Get Wet

Finally, some half-decent surf (for Bondi) this morning. It was a welcome sight to see waves breaking around head high at sunrise before the tide came in and fattened up anything moving. Some of the shoreys improved as the tide went high – short rides, though. There was 5 knots of southerly early, so it […]

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Yesterday, a doozie, a magnificent day.


Firstly, how good was yesterday? It is a freak combo of stunning water clarity, watercolour, perfect sunshine, and flat like a lake, making it look like an idyllic postcard from the south pacific. As I took a few shots, people walked by, frothing about how spectacular it looked – the colours popped. Today we finally have […]

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Ross Jones Pool, Coogee

Flat Earth.

It’s flat az. It’s a lake. It’s so flat you could mistakenly think that you just woke up in The Med. It’s rare to see our ocean this flat and energyless. Surfing – ha!Swimming – ah-huh! It was a glorious spring morning with a chill in the air. The west winds always bite deep. Those […]

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Big war ship off Bondi today


12.11.21 – PalindromeIn between rainstorms, I managed to rattle off a few frames. They’re not pretty, and you probably won’t frame them, but at least you get a little window to the beach. The surf is relatively clean as SSW winds blow. Waves are around the waist to a small persons chest high. There are around […]

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As the rain sets in for a few days, remember days like these...

The Dark Ages

We have another day of tiny conditions and dark grey skies. Oh, sorry, today we have something new, 25 knots of ‘smotherly’ making mince of anything worth riding. I stood on the shoreline at the right and barely snapped a shot – it looked awful, unrideable, diabolical. It’s been a pretty horrible run of conditions […]

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My 10 year old kid is surfing better than I, can't get a wave off him


Finally, a break in the weather, the rain held off and the constant onshore winds subsided – for a bit. I even saw the sun today; bingo! It was short-lived as 9:30 am we got wet again. We’re stuck in this volatile weather for a bit more, probably until following Monday. There was a slight bump worth riding […]

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Progress on the old Pav


After a very dark start today, we’re evolving into a nice, sunny day with tiny waves and southerly winds. It remains quiet in the neighbourhood, as many opted for a snooze in. Possibly a sunset swim will prove fruitful as the weather improves. Wanna surf? Maybe (emphasis) perhaps a wave on Friday – but this time of […]

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Joining the gang, North Coast


My photographic inspiration was very low this morning as grey skies drizzled rain on half footers. It’s a dreary Bondi day out there, barely anyone in the water and on the beach. It was too small for my 20-kilo groms – that’s saying something. I shot 4 or 5 pics and then returned to the […]

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@picumania reflections

Soggy Bones

It’s not pretty out there with dark grey skies, intermittent showers, and cooler temps. The promised batch of ESE swell hasn’t arrived just yet…and it’s still pretty tiny in the surf. Hopefully soon, real soon (said whilst tapping my desk). Winds are NNE 8 knots, so that’s clean at Bondi. Tomorrow looks like a decent […]

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#clubbylife Bondi Beach 7am today


The cloud cover has arrived and the swell subsided. It was a comfortable warm morning with glassy surface conditions. A mild day ahead with the small possibility of rain (0-3mm). Tomorrow is likely to be a wet one, so lap up today. There is talk of a new ESE swell tomorrow afternoon, growing into Saturday […]

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Roberto "Storman" Norman walking the plank


There’s small leftover surf breaking this morning on a pulsing tide. I think there will be nothing left on the lower tides. I saw the odd chest high set – infrequent. The groms were out in force, big time. In a few years, there are going to be a lot of good surfers around Bondi […]

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First light, Bondi


It’s a cracker of a day in Sydney. Go outside—glorious spring sunny skies with gentle breezes. The leftover SE swell is limping into Bondi, occasionally breaking around the shoulders, more often around your waistline. It’s very infrequent and best suited to the groms. No shortage of frothing groms around Bondi these days! Just like the skatepark. […]

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This mornings sunrise


I was a little late to the party this morning as the skies blew up hues of pinks.  5:45 am I was pedalling ferociously towards the beach; I could see a thin cloud off Benny Buckler putting on a colour show…bugger! I’m still slapping myself as I write this riveting editorial. The first light is […]

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