June 3rd, 2022 - Broken Dreams at Bondi Beach

Seeya 2022

Wow, we are here – the last day of 2021! I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I’ve been off the grid for a while and wish you all a happy new year. For me, 2022 was the year of endless challenges and the strangest year of my working career. I won’t bore you with […]

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Bondi sharing, 6:30am today


It’s been unseasonally bleak this week, but that’s all changed after a morning of grey – it’s now glorious and warm! Dang! Waves are much smaller, fatter and wobbly-er. It’s only shoulder-high and still messy. After a semi-windless morning, it’s back to the SE winds, onshore (but only 8 knots). Pretty chuffed when one of […]

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Bondi Wash


It’s finally offshore – far out – after a week-long bout of onshore nemesis winds. Crazy huh – and it’s cold like winter. I’ve never worn so much clothing in the summer. Only 14 degrees this morning down the beach at sunrise. Waves were 3-4 foot, and no one surfed when I floated around. It […]

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That swell has arrived, gonna get much bigger

New Energy

The early offshore winds have chilled temps whilst a new south swell has arrived – and it’s only going to get bigger. Waves are around head high on sets – now – but will grow to double that by the end of the day. There will be swell for days now, but finding something decent […]

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Alex, morning magic carpet rides

Sublime Submersion

Another fantastic start to the day with calm, sunny warm conditions. The water was 20 degrees, and now you can slip into a summer suit. The waves were woeful, tiny – but still, 20 happy faces ‘sharing’ morning dribbles on foamies. Always a good vibe amongst the Bondi foamie brigade. (bring a helmet). The swell […]

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Kerry amongst the morning light dance

Rinse Aid

After a weird and hell-stormy Monday, we have entirely the opposite – glary sunshine, warmer waters and a tiny, minuscule, grovelly 1 foot waves. The conditions were so small even my 20-kilo tyke was calling it too small. Amazing day in Sydney – total bluebird. Get outside. We’ve still got books to giveaway – free […]

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What's the hurry? Ah, Aquabumps still giving away books with spend over $250


It’s very onshore, all morning. The relentless winds from the south cooled it all down, vacated the water and made most of us sleep in. Over the weekend, these nemesis winds shall ease, making way for some good surf conditions – I like Sunday. It should be clean and chunky. It’s sunny now, rather cloudy […]

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Flyboy Petey Kavanagh, Bondi 6:20am


There’s one helluva rip in the middle of Bondi at the moment. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a conveyor belt on turbo. It does create a beautiful little draining rip bowl, should you be in the right location – but sitting on it ain’t easy. I love it when all the groms are […]

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Tug blow out, Bondi 6am

New Swell

There is a fresh new south swell in town, and it’s got some chunk. There was (kinda) a peak in the middle, but now the flags have gone up – blocking access. 95% of waves are closing out dead straight. You’d barely get to your feet…go for a drive. It’s sunny offshore and gonna get […]

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The old way to get to the beach, Bondi Pavilion

Onshore Flow

Surf? Yeah – Nah. Actually, more Nah than yeah. Early onshores weren’t making for a good sunrise surf. The swell is tiny, a swim will be more fruitful. We’ve sold 60% of all our stock for the Aquabumps X Project Blank surf hat (within 24 hours). If you want to purchase one, best be quick. […]

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Yesterday - big day around Bondi

Summer Haze

A beautiful day to kick off the week – plenty of sunshine, small NE swell continues to trickle into the bay (around the corner would be much bigger).  Thunderstorms and maybe rain is forecast for later today – so enjoy the morning sess. The banks are very strange at the moment – fickle on the […]

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Pool looks clean after some fresh white paint

No Bueno

It’s fair to say surfing isn’t a great option with these constant onshores making a mess. Do your Christmas shopping, go to a work Chrissie party or enjoy some sunshine on the sand. At sunrise, I saw 2-foot dribbles suffering on lower tides. Few beaches had waves, and it was quiet for a Friday. For […]

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North Bondi 8am Summer is here and the DJs are out @seafollyaustralia

It’s official…

YASSS, it’s officially the first day of summer! The warmer months are here, the DJs are spinning tunes from Kombi roofs, and everyone’s getting excited. Bondi surf was doable but not that exciting. Mushy, junkie, small (2ft), and lower tides weren’t helping. Groms loved it, though. We’ve extended our ridiculous cyber offer (until we run […]

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