Let's dance, mid Bondi

Get Wet

Oh boy, we’ve got a 10-out-10, top-notch, fully-sik cracker of a day outside. It’s going to hit 27 degrees while the winds remain light. There’s even a little wave on offer! GO NOW. GET WET while it’s a glamorous beach day. Why? as it’s gonna rain all weekend. And I mean rain hard. 30 mm […]

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Ah the serenity! Bondi at 6:30am


It has turned into a comfortable Autumn’s day out there. There’s a breeze from the NE with a mix of East and South swells. Bondi was reasonably small, with waist-to-shoulder high waves and a manageable crowd. A cloudy start to a gloriously clear sky. How good! Waves will continue tomorrow – we’ve had a good […]

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Low tide drainers, south Bondi


The beach is full of dramatic rips, sweeps and shallow banks. Exacerbated by the lower morning tides, there’s plenty of hollowness and straightness. Nothing too exciting, 2-3 foot (mainly 2) but the super-groms and mini-john-johns were pumped. Sun finally came out, and the winds were non-existent. Clean az. I’m a big fan of Indonesia and […]

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Autumn light, dripping into the beach, in between buildings. Bondi

Light Patches

I’ve had a few weeks off the cameras and indulged in rural quality time with the family. Today I photographed Bondi, and even in that short time away, the light has changed somewhat. The autumn sun’s position is right around the back of Ben Buckler now, seeping side onto the beach…I like that angle. The […]

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Wilbur Ryall, blowing up on the right


The swell has switched from south to more ENE – making smaller waves at Bondaka. A couple of rip bowls in the south kept the micro groms entertained as the tide went high (7:30 am). Not many waves are wasted when Bondi’s youngsters mob a peak, 1 foot, half-a-foot, two foot – they thrive. The […]

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Bondi 6:30am today, Mr. NBN/Magnums

Bondi Colours

I was up early, fossicking in the dark, stalking sunrise colours. It paid off as the clouds over Benny B got lit! I had the 16-bit 100-megapixel medium format beast blazing as the morning progressed through the different lighting stages. On the beach, waves were breaking around the waist to shoulder high. It looked pretty […]

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Noah's Rainbow! Bondi 7:30am this morning

Band of Colour

My pet robot says, “A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light in water droplets, resulting in a spectrum of colours appearing in the sky.” As the showers paused, we scored a double-banger rainbow this morning. It was a short-lived gap in the constant rain – I got lucky. […]

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