Careful with the roof down on the Rolls. Volatile weather

Town Gossip

Welcome to your Thursday edition of semi-factual, sometimes riveting, Aquabumps daily photo email thing – since 1999. How wild was that hail storm in Bondi last night? My backyard looked like Thredbo! It’s all calmed down now. The swell has plummeted, leaving 1 foot, maybe two footers on various heavenly banks(fact). Today conditions suit the […]

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Mack Truck jamming on the breaks. #mansfieldsdominate

3rd Day

It’s the 3rd super fun surf day in a row. Yes, it’s much smaller this morning and on its last legs, but it’s a superb week in the brine. Multiple peaks have distributed the crowd, but Bondi’s finest frothing grom squad typically will be hogging the best bank. I wouldn’t expect too many scraps if […]

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Yes Wilbur, hammering this section. Bondi 6:45am


After a night of thunderstorms and the odd sprinkle, we’ve woken to a spectacular Bondi day. Only two more days of winter, then these mornings become warm and long. That’s exciting. The waves have been interesting lately; it’s incredibly inconsistent and tied to specific tidal requirements. This morning, bang on sunrise, I saw some fun-looking […]

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Long period, south swell with plenty of close outs. Bondi 7am

Chilled Mondays

Mondays are much quieter at Bondi, especially in contrast to that epic weekend of sunshine (and big crowds), just gone. Yesterday was amazing, with hints of summer. Last night, we were served a fresh, long-period, south swell. An extended period means significant gaps between waves – so you can be sitting there, surfing 1-2 foot, […]

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Fraser Dovell, opting for large surf vehicles in the small conditions

Bondi Odyssey

It’s Friday, it’s sunny, it’s initially cold (9) yet warm now (13). It’s surfable, but it’s small. It’s offshore with NW winds and will stay like that for most of the day. Rain is coming on Sunday, so enjoy today and tomorrow. Super sunny today! Things to note: Boardriders on Sunday, but it looks small… […]

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Step into liquid, best start to the day. Bondi 6:30am


Don’t get too accustomed to super early Aqaubumps editions. With more morning light, I can get ahead of schedule (but it only allows me to have 1 Java before posting). The waves were pretty unattractive on the dead low tide. It just needs more water to break in an orderly fashion. Winds are currently WSW […]

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Jo Mooney, diving into a glorious Bondi morning

Bondi Chronicles

It’s surfable today, even though the morning tides were low. It will improve as the tide fills in. Earlier, NW winds groomed 1-2 footers. As more water fills the bay, I expect it to be a tad bigger. The water is brisk (19), but with a forecast of 24 bangers today – you need to […]

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Mini-me, letting rip


I am returning to the morning routine with a very stock-standard Bondi Monday morning. Currently, we have a 5 am (ish) low tide, which is punishing local surfers, dehydrating our fickle banks, and making it quite unsurfable. When we finally get more tide in the morning, there’ll be some joy out there. Plenty of south […]

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Sunrise swimmer party, Bondi 6:30am today


Ah yes, back in Bondi after a quick visit to Bali. The water was clear, and the sun shone after a night of Sydney rain. The waves look fun, waist to shoulder high earlier. Quite cool though, with brisk offshore breezes. (a bit cooler than Bali!) Nice weekend of sunshine ahead. Sunday looks pleasant with […]

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Bali - about as black as a lava beach could be

Volcanic Beach

Yes, it’s true. I’ve returned to the tropics. Why not? The water is warm in Indonesia, and they’re in the peak (dry) season here. I’ve never seen Bali airport so busy, and the island has returned nuts-busy self. Nah we’re not hanging with the digital-nomads of Canggu and Kuta. Not for me these days – […]

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Nice colourful highlights from this mornings dawn patrol


To compensate for yesterday’s tardiness, this morning’s photos are fresh from the beach (early). Even with the NBN down! Beautiful morning at dawn. Lots of pink highlights above Ben Buckler. Waves are much smaller yet clean. I’d get in before the winds start to howl 20 knots. Bit of an odd day as the mercury […]

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Sunrise, today - lighting up. Bondi 6:40am


No, you’re email is not busted, nor did the work experience kid stuff up….and nah, my NBN wasn’t disconnected by construction works in Bondi – Aquabumps photos are just running late today. These images were shot around 6:30 am but spent most of the day stuck in cameras. It was a glorious sunny day with […]

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The patterns of the umbreallas at Amalfi

Day Dreamin’

Bondi was not doing it this morning—a drizzly, dark, cold day with tiny waves. Yawn. With the lack of enthusiasm to perform my morning rituals (Bondi documentation), I look to my 25 terabytes of archives – specifically, a time of hotter weather and blue water – yes, Costiera Amalfitana. For those recently joining my readership, we […]

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Bondi was so quiet this morning. Barely anyone down there.

Ghost town

Geez Bondi was quiet this morning. Nobody was around at all. Even the promenade was deserted as light drizzle kept everybody under the covers. Rather cold start with 8 degrees and 6 knots of southerly. Small waves all week! Thursday looks nice with 23 degrees. :: uge

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Bogey Hole morning delights, Bronte

Swell Retreats

The swell has done a runner, and we’re left with 1-2ish footers. Friday’s bring out the biggest crowds, especially at sunrise and with 23 banging degrees forecast. We currently have light 8 knots offshore NW winds in Sydney. It will swing NE around lunchtime. Small conditions will be the theme of the next few days. […]

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Drop. Daz.

Solar Powered

Another good-looking day – clear skies and cooler temps at sunrise. Eight degrees when I woke, but now it’s warming up to 22 degrees. The forecast is for 23 tomorrow! The surf has cleaned up with NW offshore winds earlier. As I write, it’s swinging NE. Bondi has waves in the head-high range…looked a little […]

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Hugo, refining this front side no-grab. Bondi 7:15am

Bronze Cast

Everything was cast in bronze this morning as bigger surf and onshore breezes stirred up a moist surf mist. The conditions were pretty terrible for surfing 2/10. Out the back had some rogue 3-4 footers, but the nemesis onshore was making such a mess. The inside had a shorey, but it was fickle (not worth […]

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Brynnie, blasting his way into the morning


A pre-sunrise swim with a frosty westerly is always invigorating. The fantastic spate of waves continues, and the groms are feasting (wow – there are so many of them!). It’s not big, say waist to chest high, with the odd head-high one. The rips make great waves but also make it harder for me to […]

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