Ah yes, an offshore wind – how good is it! So good to see clean water surfaces return to Sydney after a week of onshore blasting. The clear skies aren’t too bad either. The waves dropped quite a lot overnight, but there is still a head high bump out there. Yesterday arvo was the sess, winds […]

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Grayson Hinrichs, frontside blow tail with tweak


It was so good to have a few waves this morning. Sets were up around head-high and it was clean and offshore very early. We’ve got a destructive southerly in town now, and it looks like the leftover NE swell has dropped a few gears – so if you didn’t paddle out early, it looks […]

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Nugget drivers, Blake Thornton


Holy smokes, it’s turned orrn overnight…just not at Bondi. Bondi looks terrible and neglecting the primary ENE swell source. Loads of other northern exposed beaches have 4 foot plus waves with clean grooming offshores. Booya! I only shot one surfer this morning, Blake Thornton, as he was the only one out! It looked a bit […]

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Grayson, one helluva back hand whip


Today’s initial surf forecast was for 2 footers and a declining swell. It’s totally wrong with 4 footers and holding swell. Combine that tricky forecast with rain – and you’ve scored yourself an empty line up – BONUS! Today began sunny, but the rain has moved in – and looks like it’s here to stay. […]

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Blake Thornton belting this one


It’s a lot cleaner today than yesterday and looking fun. It’s not exactly pumping, but I would say you’d find a few gems. Swell is hanging in there and breaking around head high at most beaches of the east. The sunshine is out and it’s here to stay for nearly 1 week. SO GOOD. It […]

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Coogee Beach pastels, 6:15am this morning

Finally…thanks Gita.

After a waveless summer, we have something decent to talk about. The much-hyped tropical cyclone Gita is pushing down some swell. Bondi was unsurfable…but East or North facing beaches had a head high wave this morning – which should get better and bigger all weekend. Super clean conditions at sunrise, which now have some SE winds […]

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Crowd pleaser, Northern Beaches

Awayco + Ace + Darkside

Like to surf? Yeah? Well, the past 6 weeks have been flat as. Real frustrating summer dribbles for days on end. Today has broken that swell drought and we have great waves! World No. 16 Ace Buchan dropped by for some pre-tour warm-ups. It’s dropping fast, 4-5 foot, East winds now (was offshore earlier). Hate travelling […]

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The iconic Icebergs of Bondi, with plenty of colour today

Planetary Alignment

We’ve had a good run the past coupla days. The surf has been pretty awesome and today the 5 am sunrise was a blaze of colour over Bondi. It’s a tad smaller today with 3-4 footers but from sunrise, it’s been super clean and hollow – pretty much everywhere I looked! Sydney loves an East swell, […]

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Big fella Monty Tait inside a nugs


Bondi, Tamarama, Maroubra, Manly, Avalon Everywhere is on the cook today. The planets have aligned, Christmas has come early, the winds are offshore and the swell has straightened out (now it’s dead east). Dead east means every beach along our coastline has something cooking. The fields are full of clover – go indulge. It’s gonna drop […]

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Morning people!

Da Bra

A fine day in Sydney as the mercury warms up to 21 degrees. The swells have dropped but it’s still surfable. Head high waves on offer at most exposed beaches. For a change, I drove down to Maroubra to have a look around, some nice rights. It was a bit smaller than Bondi though…clean. Massive […]

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Coogee baths, sunrise this morning


Well, well…I’m back in town, and the incredible Autumn conditions prevail. How nice! We’re talking perfect NW offshores, building east swells and glorious sunshine. This morning I left the postcode to wander through 2034 and 2035, (that’s Coogee and Maroubra’s postcode). Everyone is up early and enjoy the good run of warm weather and water. […]

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Max Coleman, dusting off


It’s offshore and the crowd goes wild! Everyone has hit the beach this morning to get involved. I drove past most of the beaches in the East, and there was a pack of wolves, hunting the morning swells. I hope you got some. Summary – it’s 3-4 foot, swell direction is ESE so plenty of […]

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Blake Thornton connecting nicely on a north wind swell

Grey Suits

The shark alarm cleared North Maroubra this morning around 6am. Rumor has it, there is a friendly shark looking for a few mates in the lineup. He’s been around all week the local boys tell me. Do you get out when you hear the alarm? Comment here. With a new north wind swell, there are a […]

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