'Bergs baking corner


I don’t want to hear any complaints about the current weather sitch. You’ve had more than your fair share of beaming summer’s days kids! Now it’s time to wash the salt off and knuckle down to some work. It’s raining, today, tomorrow, the weekend and into next week. Waves – small 1-2 footers at Bondi […]

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Da Bergs split, NYD

It’s your year!

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. Hope you had a good break (or still on a break). New Year’s Day – Bondi kicked off 2019 in top gear – January 1 was a full-blown beach day. Every beach was crammed with beachgoers hungry for a cooling off. I’ve been touring northern NSW […]

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The rocky southern corner of Bronte Beach, NSW

The Bird

I tried hard to cover all angles this morning, from air, land and other beaches. Tomorrow I’ll attemptĀ the trifecta with water shots in the mix. There is some left over south swell still in town; it’s only 1-2 foot at the moment. Bondi was closing out with an 8 am low tide. I’d call Bondi […]

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These mornings are immaculate. The crisp, clear, chilly winter’s air is a real treat. Shame about the lack of surf – it’s flat az… Fortunately tomorrow will host the odd 3 footer and it will build from there. Just when you’ve think you’ve seen it all, a guy pulls out his dirt bike and tries […]

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