I don’t want to hear any complaints about the current weather sitch. You’ve had more than your fair share of beaming summer’s days kids! Now it’s time to wash the salt off and knuckle down to some work.

It’s raining, today, tomorrow, the weekend and into next week. Waves – small 1-2 footers at Bondi with an odd NE wind.

And so…

here’s my B-ROLL, some shots that haven’t left our massive array of hard drives in the studio. These images have been neglected, overlooked. Now it’s their time in the limelight!

My ebay¬†auctions are about to end. ‘Ava a crack. Broadsheet had a look around our crib.

‘Nuf ramble.

:: uge

Propulsion, Italy


The famous Bogey Hole, Bronte


JJ, Ments


Remote Indonesia


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