It’s your year!

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. Hope you had a good break (or still on a break).

New Year’s Day – Bondi kicked off 2019 in top gear – January 1 was a full-blown beach day. Every beach was crammed with beachgoers hungry for a cooling off. I’ve been touring northern NSW from Chrissy but flew in, just for 3 hours, to capture some images from the bird on NYD.

Our popular Underwater Ballet Exhibition is mobile! Check it out at @westfieldbondijunction in front of Dion Lee Thanks @dropbox and #australianballet

Our regular morning Bondi shoots return tomorrow. Stay tuned.

:: uge

Bondi - NYD - looking like a pile of ants


One of Sydney's greatest harbour beaches - Nielsen Park


Bondi. The blue brolly hire company maxed


The strange green ocean colours of New Year's Day


One thought on “It’s your year!

  1. Always amazed by how Bondi has remained such a wide strip of sand. My childhood haunt Wanda, was once similar. Sadly, now, it’s about 4 beach towels across.

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