Morning mood

Rip Currents

We are experiencing a good little run of small waves in Sydney. It’s surfable every day – no – not cranking, but you can get wet. As the rips turned on – the bowls started to flow. (I’m sure my Mum will call me later asking what that means in English). The micro-groms were out […]

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Watch highlights from our recent WA trip


Good start to the week. Head high, clean, closing out, chilly air temp but warm in. Morning’s low tide is making spectacular closeouts – more water – more fun. Ok next…grab a coffee and watch the highlights from our recent trip to WA on the Coral Coast (which includes Ningaloo + Exmouth + Whale Sharks). […]

Icebergs, quiet and under a cloudy sky this morning

The Good Stuff

Really, REALLY nice morning. Kind of had it all… Decent little colourful sunrise, head high waves, warm water and a massive morning crowd both in the water and on the beach. Bondi was in sunrise hyperdrive. Sweaty lycra, Instagrammers, hungry surfers, morning dippers…such a hive of activity. The funny thing is, it’s just for an […]

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Love Italy,here is good too!


The sun is rising earlier now and so are my daily emails. Bondi put on some morning colour and plenty of crew enjoying a (frosty) pre-work swim. The water is so cold for Sydney. WOW. I’d say the lowest it gets here. It’s always nice coming home to such a beautiful city. I love visiting other countries, but […]

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Bondi Beach, this morning, subtle hues


There was a little bump to surf this morning. It’s definitely not pumping. Let’s just call it surfable. Surfable with a very hungry pack on it. I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a hell of a lot better today than what I am seeing. On paper, it looked the goods. […]

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Weird mix of hot and cold made for foggy conditions this morning down at Bondi Beach. Some nice colours at sunrise. The water felt frosty! Small waves, best for large surf craft. Quite a lot of people down there this morning. Later :: uge

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The swell forecast was 21.1 seconds, South swell at 3.5 foot with NW winds. Translation = good waves at Bondi. Well that didn’t happen. It’s tiny. Instead it was more like: 25 degrees, perfectly sunny, no wind and knee to waist high waves. Oh, and water clarity incredible and warm water (still). I feel like […]

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Just like we talked about yesterday a new swell has arrived…LIKE! It’s 4-5 foot and breaking pretty straight at Bondi. I’m not complaining as this is the biggest it’s been in weeks. I would go find another beach with sand banks or a chunk of reef though. Bondi just ain’t cutting it. I hope you […]

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You can see it in the clouds that something’s coming… the calm before the storm… All quiet down the beach this morning. Waves were small, 1 foot with a freak 2 footer every 20 minutes worth riding. Plenty of sunshine – soak it up as tomorrow looks wet and hell windy. The swell will pick […]

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m i x e d b a g

Late one I know…oops. Got a lil’ distracted. The day started out with clouds and glassy 1 footers. Now it’s glassy 1 footers and sunny. (top of 26 degrees) Tomorrow sunny, warm. (top of 26 degrees) Wed sunny warm…(top of 26 degrees) Thursday, sunny and warm…(top of 25 degrees) And then… A sunny and warm […]

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Spectacular sunrise this morning with burning hues splashed all over the skies. The surf is less than spectacular as the swell drought continues…we’re in Feb and I don’t think we’ve had a crankin’ swell for 2009 yet! Feb brings hope, we always seem to get one booming swell in Feb…let’s hope it’s this weekend as […]

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Windswell blues

This ENE windswell has knocked up some 3 footers at exposed beaches (e.g. The Bra). Its a windswell, very weak and flat – not ideal. Bondi was much smaller, 1-2 foot being hidden from this swell direction. The 9:26am high tide wasn’t helping things…fatness everywhere. The current NE winds will blow hard 25 knots later […]

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chop hop

Bit of a non-event down the beach this morning (wave-wise). 1 foot chop broke close to shore, yep, there were still a few people out scrappin’ for the-chop-of the-day. Interesting cloud formations at sunrise before a thick blanket of south change brought rain, wind and cooler temperatures. South winds will howl 20/30 knots later today […]

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