Northern Beaches, yesterday

North Vs East

Which do you prefer – Northern Beaches or our Eastern Suburbs Beaches? People in Sydney have very definitive views on this hot topic. There’s a harbour between us – and they’re close together – yet very different. The insular peninsular is very quiet, has bright orange coarse sand and a huge array of beaches and […]

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Bronte Pool, out of the southerly

Rough diamonds

Some say this is Bondi’s greatest hits – horrendously onshore, 2-3 foot and vacant. What’s the attraction? Well, you saw 250 surfers in my images yesterday – it’s chaotic (and dangerous), just look at my forehead to remind you. Today – no one – an empty paddock to roam, very appealing! The onshore will be […]

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A favourite, Bronte Bogey Hole


A gloriously sunny morning to kick off a warm day. That 6:36am high tide flooded the tiny SE swell, making it hard to find surfable waves. Maybe better on lower tides during the day. 27 degrees forecast, only 5 days until it’s officially summer! Small surf conditions for days and days now. Good time to […]

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Bombs away


Do you like an early Aquabumps post? (like this one) – before 9am? Or do you prefer it around 11 am, when you’re having your second coffee? The swell is on hold, as waves have dropped right back to the knee-high range. It’s not really surfable unless you’re floating on 40-50 litres of foam. Supposedly […]

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Smoothed out by a 50 second exposure


It’s stopped raining! Hoooray. It’s been a wet couple of weeks as Warragamba Dam (Sydney’s main water supply) is sitting at 97%. Keep in mind, at this time last year it was only 48%. The winds have kicked up a rogue, random swell. There are waves in the double head high range but it’s so […]

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Mottled skies, Bronte


Today is not a surf day. It’s one foot (a very small person’s foot) – and onshore. Much cooler in comparison to yesterday and partly cloudy. Max land temperature 21°East swell.South wind 9 knots.Sunrise was 6:14 am I’d like to think you may be able to surf a 2 footer tomorrow. The forecast is for […]

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Oh boy, wanna be inside that thing


We’re set for a brilliantly sunny, warm, spring day as we head towards 30 degrees. It’s so nice outside, enjoy it, as winds will be stronger later and a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. The water was cold. It’s always cool after days of northerlies. We’ve got a NE swell in town, I didn’t see […]

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Last night, a colour fan over the city


It’s not a pretty picture down the beach. The wind is up, the kitesurfers are out, the rain is about to start…catch my drift? For the past eight weeks, I’ve gone on a photography spree around Sydney. Spending all this time around home has been an excellent opportunity to get to know this great city […]

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Hop in


It’s flat az. Not often can I say it’s unsurfable. Today’s unsurfable. Nice morning, a chilly 20 knot offshore westerly has blown all the swell back out to sea. So what do you do? Wait until the next swell arrives on Sunday. Go shopping on my eBay 2nd hand lens sale. Watch “Zero Zero Zero” […]

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The pool run around, Bronte

High Hopes

I thought after a day of settling, the ocean would’ve come good. I’ve seen images on The Gram from northside that look inviting. Not much around here though… The swell still looks very wonky, buckled, random. All morning, loitering around many of the Eastern suburbs beaches, I didn’t see anybody get a good wave. It’s […]

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Bronte corner


Today’s images come from high in the sky, mostly around 1000 feet above ground level. From up there, you get a different angle on the world. It was pretty chilly up high – much colder than down here! The visibility is fantastic today, no smoke, no fog, no smog. Sydney is looking it’s best. Enjoy […]

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Roman on a mutant, multi-faced - thing

Sunny Chills

It’s sunny, but it feels cold. At sunrise, it was cold. In my opinion, the ocean looks confused. Another mixture of swells, clashing and washing about. I didn’t really see any quality waves on my morning adventures. There’s a head high wave on offer, but it’s definitely not clean nor organised. For the next few […]

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Bronte shine


Put the boards away and go outside; it’s impressive. Twenty-three banging degrees, not too shabby for a winter’s day. The surf is shabby though. 1 footers, suitable for my micro groms and newbies to the sport. A north wind blew warm and early. The next time you will surf will be Saturday afternoon, Sunday looks […]

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