Icebergs, Lyle procrastinating

Yeah Nah

Nothing special down the beach again this morning. Bondi has plenty of 2-4 footers but a flanking onshore is messing it up. Bondi was eerily quiet – not very summer like. Winds going offshore tomorrow, Wednesday clouds clearing. Thursday a cracker beach day. Gotta love Air New Zealand for their creativity – watch this to […]

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Beam me up Scottie

Blue Light

Hmmn, an interesting morning. Really different. The light seemed to be blue. Everything had a cool kelvin temp.  It was sunny, then cloudy, then sunny (all in 1 hour). It even rained on me, whilst still being sunny. It was dead calm early then 10 minutes later howling. It’s cold, I am wearing a jumper […]

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Bronte Pool, as quiet as ever this morning

Lucky 8

The number 8 is considered very lucky to the Chinese. Pronounce ‘Ba’…similar to ‘Fa’ which means making a fortune! This morning was 8 degrees down the beach. A very r-ucky morning indeed! A wealth of sunshine, windless beaches and warm water. All we need is swell. Great conditions for my six-year-old son. Come on Huey! Throw us […]

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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop. New line. It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh? I have a confession, I slept in. […]

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Bronte Pool, Saturday 4th Feb

2 Percent

Well, wasn’t that a busy beach weekend with hot weather, small waves and little wind. Such steamy days…best enjoyed hugging the coastline. Bondi was rammed yesterday. Tamarama and Bronte same same. People visit Bondi and must think it’s always like that – absolute chaos. The amazing thing is those busy days are about 2 percent of […]

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Bronte pool, morning rinse


It is a hot day huh? 36 degrees is the forecast and you could cook eggs on the tin roof of our Bondi gallery. The winds are ENE and the swell is nonexistent. It’s super tiny. Don’t matter, go for a swim. It’s cold though after all that NE wind. I know you’re busy, so I will […]

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The 6:00am high tide swallowed up anything worth surfing this morning. By the time you read this it should be close to low…and probably much better. Lovin’ these autumn mornings. The air feels clean, the light is warm and the sun rises later so I can have more of a sleep in! Small waves all […]

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A survey of over 400 adults showed approximately 15% are morning people, 25% are evening people, and 60% are intermediates. I reckon it’s more than 15% for early birds around here…especially this time of year. As I always write, the wee hours are the best part of the day. The light is good, the winds […]

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Sad news in Bondi. Two young Japanese guys went for a swim at 5:30pm last night and only one returned. The rescue was in full swing last night, 2 helicopters, 2 jet skis and a police boat scouring the bay looking for the lost swimmer. I saw them still looking for him this morning. Still […]

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Sleepy Bronte

The swell has been big these past couple of days…but not great. No one surfing around here…it’s quite ugly 6 foot. The beaches have gone all quiet. Very different to Friday. Maybe it’s ‘cause all the school kiddies are back in class. This rogue swell will taper off rapidly. The onshore winds will calm…hopefully bringing […]

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It started out to be a cloudy, stormy morning. Bondi barely had a wave as the swell direction has flipped more to the East. Only hours later the sun is out bakin’ and there’s a 1-2 foot wave at East exposed beaches. It’s going to be like this for the next few days before a […]

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Wow what a morning…The swell peaked at sunrise and is thumpin’ right now. One of the best days shooting in some time…my cards are full of golden light, big chunks and roaring offshore plumes. Most breaks in our area are max’ing out. Bronte had a fat (big) wave – breaking wide (6ft +), nothing special. […]

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