23 years

Twenty-three years ago, I had this groundbreaking idea of posting a ‘photo a day’ from the beach. Social media hadn’t even been dreamt up yet, a website called google had just started, and mobile phones were for talking to people.

In the nineties, digital cameras had just become semi-affordable (well, kind of – the first camera for Aquabumps was a 20k Kodak Digital) and I convinced my employee he REALLY needed one for the business. Convienently, the Kodak came home with me every night to shoot the beach.

I had no ambition to turn this ‘photo-a-day’ into a business; I just liked taking pretty pics and making my mates jealous of my lifestyle down the beach before work. It was a creative outlet from my desk-bound day job – and reinvigorated my love for photography, which started in my teens as I processed black and whites in my mother’s laundry (to her dismay). When I say process, I am talking film, darkrooms, enlargers and three trays of strong chemicals that would make me woozy.

Anyway, it’s been a wild ride…I’ve met my wife in the gallery, I’ve met Will Smith too, I’ve taken photos all over the globe, swam in some pretty crazy oceans and flown over exotic locations in helicopters.

Today marks 23 fantastic years of Aquabumps. There are people on here that have been reading my daily dribble for over two decades; THANK YOU for sticking it out! Also, thanks to the AB HQ team, they make it possible for me to shoot daily.

I had a nice sleep in and a slow start to celebrate this occasion. The beach was pretty manky, and waves looked onshore and undesirable.

:: uge (Said yooj, like huge, short for eugene)

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Pass the 50+, Croatia, Stiniva Beach


Bronte baths, since 1883 standing strong


Margies Mouth


Wall Grinding




Teahupoo, the end of the road.


Perfect Pipe


Canggu jungle, Bali


One Foot, Cook Islands


Pink highlights, Bondi


Blue Grotto, we snuck in before the lock down


Indo hollows, grinding 'em to find 'em


10 thoughts on “23 years

  1. Congratulations Uge on this amazing achievement. I have been a subscriber since about 4700 odd in your list and still love getting your photos everyday.

  2. Good one Uge! You’ve brought so much joy and wonder into my mornings over the years. Thank you! May you reign for another 23 years!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! I’m only a few years in getting my AB fix and love it! Makes my day and always harping on to others it’s the only regular you need in your inbox to brighten the day. Mandatory meditation!

  4. Huge congrats to you and team AB!
    I love starting my day with a glimpse of your amazingly beautiful country. Its like a visualization board for me. I’ll get there someday and will buy a print in person! Keep up the awesome work and wishing you continued success!

  5. 23 years of putting a smile on my face. Always great images that take me away to another place.
    Congratulations ET.

  6. Only just looked at this, and congratulations definitely in order, Uge! What a dream life you’ve made your own, with a lovely family as well…I’m proud to say I have one of your works in pride of place on my lounge room wall. It’s “ Camel Train”, an aerial shot of Cable Beach, Broome, everybody loves it!

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