Not much doing down the beach this morning

Early Onshore

There was a promise of good waves this morning but I think the early onshores ruined the show. By 1st light, the Southerly has junkified most 3-4 footers at Bondi. Only a few hellmen paddled out – it looked terrible! Today is the last day you’ll hear me asking for a donation to my Aquabumps Surfaid […]

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Ah yes, now that's a good start to the day. Bondi

Swim Reaper

It’s only just gone 8am as I write this post, around my 6,000th update to Aquabumps. Even though this could be one of the earliest posts (ever), today, I already witnessed a random Grim Reaper on the beach (@iamtheswimreaper), an incredible sunrise, lots of nude people (dunno, just happened to be a few down there), […]

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Marooned on a remote island called Ben Buckler


Hello. Hola. Bom Dia. Ciao. I hope you’re loving this exquisite weather. Delightful ain’t it? Bondi stepped up a gear this morning…it was crazy packed at sunrise. We have visitors from all over the globe ducking down the beach to get a glimpse of our famous sunrises. Ok, some were still out from the night […]

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Teneal really enjoying her morning swim today at South Bondi!

Weed Monster

Let’s get on the weed today!  Overnight, seaweed has taken over Bondi. In the South end I reckon it was actually acting like a bank and making a left form. Bondi is surfable – but not great. 1-2 footers, with 1 freak tube ridden by Mr. Weetman. The water is warm and relatively uncrowded. 41 […]

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'Bergs reflection time


Conditions are looking so much better than yesterday. There is still plenty of swell, I am talking 3-4 with the odd bigger set. The sun is out and it’s shaping up to be a cracker. Swell is from the South and the wind has gone Nor-East (grooming). Nor-easter will make it dribble, and weaker (I surfed […]

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Space to roam


Another cloudy warm morning down the beach. It’s still surfable, as Bondi always really is, but only knee to waist high. Really fun on the long board or just a splash on the shorey. Light winds all day, tending to NE later. It’s gonna get warm, like 28 warm. That’s decent. Break out the rig […]

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Ejector, Bondi


Heaps of swell around from the SSE. Bondi came alive this morning with a constant supply. If only the banks were better… Combo this with North winds and you’ve got a fun day ahead (especially Mondays when everyone is chained to the cubicles). Here is your brief of what you need to know: Tiny surf […]

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Lost opportunities, look at that right

Bondi Caves

Bondi is well known for its flat, burgerish waves or, it’s known for its exquisite close out sections. It’s true, Bondi is not the greatest surf break in Australia – but every day, there is something to surf and have fun on. Not many places can claim that. Today is no exception. We have 4-6 foot […]

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The most photographed human at Bondi, Chris Little taking a bomb

Well, hello swell…again.

We meet again… The big boys are back in town and Bondi is maxed this morning, again. Today just doesn’t match yesterday. We went from a flat rainy day to 6 foot plus and sunny. I think the thermostat is broken as well. It’s super cold after one of the hottest July days in years […]

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Ferris and his friends, Bondi Beach


It was an odd kinda morning. The change is here. It looked inviting (for a bit) then dumped rain. I’m writing this with rays of sunshine spraying into the studio…so I’m assuming all good now? Maybe. The weather is messing with us. Flirting with us. We cannot complain as we’ve had a fantastic run of […]

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Bondi beach, 7am today, 1st light and 1st wave I saw

The Big Boys

There is a new long period south swell rocking Sydney as I write this. Oh boy, it’s big! On paper, it was hard to determine what actually would happen this morning. 2-metre swell, 15 second period. It’s the period that was the X factor. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t realise it would […]

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North Bondi sleds


It’s pretty wild and wedgey out there at Bondi Beach. There are some chunks breaking above your head and you’ve got the entire paddock to yourself. Hell, even the sun has busted out this morning after a night of rain – toot toot! Do you remember Mr. Beautiful (Beautiful All is his official name in […]

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Bronte Pool, Saturday 4th Feb

2 Percent

Well, wasn’t that a busy beach weekend with hot weather, small waves and little wind. Such steamy days…best enjoyed hugging the coastline. Bondi was rammed yesterday. Tamarama and Bronte same same. People visit Bondi and must think it’s always like that – absolute chaos. The amazing thing is those busy days are about 2 percent of […]

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