Early Onshore

There was a promise of good waves this morning but I think the early onshores ruined the show. By 1st light, the Southerly has junkified most 3-4 footers at Bondi. Only a few hellmen paddled out – it looked terrible!

Today is the last day you’ll hear me asking for a donation to my Aquabumps Surfaid Cup Team. Big thanks to the 118 people that have already donated, greatly appreciated. The Cup is this Friday (at Bondi) and in two weeks time, I will be in the Mentawais, where Surfaid help the poor people who live in this remote surf rich destination.  Be great if you could spare a twenty, a tenner, anything…donate now

:: ugios

Reflection time


Can't hide from the cameras down at Bondi!


He will ride anything, not matter how horrible the conditions


WOW, Waves of Wellness


Partly cloudy, top of 19


The clock


Morning stroll


2 thoughts on “Early Onshore

  1. Hi there
    I love getting my daily dose from aqua bumps and I think it is ace that you are raising money and attention for Surf Aid and the great work they do. I know many people who have been involved with Surf Aid from the very beginning and I’ve supported the great cause in many facets.

    As someone who is a career humanitarian, working in natural disasters and post-conflict, I can appreciate the challenge of advocating for people whose voice is not widely heard nor the challenges and plight that they face. With that said, I would like you to consider how you reference the very people you are trying to help. Asking people to ‘help the poor people who live in this remote surf destination’ further diminishes people’s preconceived ideas about people living in these remote places and does nothing to help maintain the dignity of the people Surf Aid is supporting. Perhaps instead offer a more informed appeal talking about supporting schools and early childhood education, improving access to safe water and sanitation and improving maternal and child health and nutrition.

    I really think as some who has such a far reaching readership you have an obligation to be more conscious about how you refer to people and need to keep in mind people’s dignity and use empowering language that is still emotive.


    1. Hi Suz, thanks for your comment. Surfaid is a fantastic cause. We have been there from the start too. Yes, I could elaborate more on my daily posts about what Surfaid does, schools, education, water, but I get around 2 paras in each post, even less before I lose my audiences attention. So they have to be extremely brief comments and more photos from me. I guess that is why I constantly link to the SurfAid site, so the good people who want to know more, can.

      I’ve taken your feedback on board. As a punter with a camera in Bondi (and not a career humanitarian) I’m just doing my best to help people, do some good with my far-reaching readership.

      THanks, uge

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