Big hacks, Chris Friend


Another glorious morning with waves. After a warm night, we have 3-4 footers at exposed east beaches. The water temp. has slipped a gear…but still very inviting. Really hot day ahead, 35, with clouds coming and possible thunderstorm tonight with a flanking south change (around 6pmish). Enjoy! :: uge

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Bronte, hued and relatively quiet this morning

The Cutting

Mostly a grey morning with a hint of colour. Not really any surfable waves, a small crumble at Tamarama, a log 1 footer at Bondi. You’d be OK if you hit the snooze button and slept in. The good news is there’s swell coming tomorrow which will build over the next few days. It’s all […]

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Not much doing down the beach this morning

Early Onshore

There was a promise of good waves this morning but I think the early onshores ruined the show. By 1st light, the Southerly has junkified most 3-4 footers at Bondi. Only a few hellmen paddled out – it looked terrible! Today is the last day you’ll hear me asking for a donation to my Aquabumps Surfaid […]

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Only a few weeks old, but heavily used skate park


Looks real bad for surfers out at Bondi. Windblown trash really at 3-4 foot. ESE winds are terrible in Sydney, they seem to affect most beaches. It’s a shame as most people were nursing their Melbourne Cup hangovers and you’d score the line up empty – well if it was surfable that is. It’s true, “Bondi […]

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Take the mal for a spin this morning

Move along…

Some mornings just don’t offer much to shoot. Making something interesting from the mundane can be a real challenge. Today’s the well is dry! The beach was quite empty, the skies a shade of dark grey. The surf was a lacking 1 foot with some junk on it. Tough. We have  NE swell today which […]

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Hi there. It’s Monday morning after one of the best looking weekends of the year. Yesterday was mental down at Bondi. 20,000 plus people hit the beach in perfect weather. Today’s a little different with cloud cover and a only handful of people down there. Today is not made for surfing. Perfect for a swim […]

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e a s t

We’ve got a full blown east swell which is neglecting Bondi at the moment. You will have to go for a drive to an east facing beach like Maroubra if you want to get wet – even when you get there you’ll only find 2 foot weak waves, but at least it’s sumpin’. Nice weather […]

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