Green trimmings, Bondi Beach

Low Expectations

It’s always good heading down the beach with low expectations and getting a little surprise. Today the swell pulsed – contradicting the 1.3 foot forecast. I saw a set around 6:20am that was definitely over head high…it spun off into the south corner like a freight train. I frothed. I didn’t see too many more […]

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Tune in, Tune out

This is how my morning unfolded: 6:00am…first beach inspection – Junky and grey, looked onshore when it was meant to be offshore at Bondi (NE). Winds seem to be coming from the East. What tha? I was ready to shoot in the brine, all wettied up and all. Looked bad so headed home to rethink […]

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The computer charts will show little or no waves today, but I reckon there’s a few down there. I saw a chest high set at 8am…ok, so they’re not frequent, but if I had nothing to do, I’d pack a bag + board and spend the day down the beach. How good is it? Forecast […]

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