Bondi 7am, push thru in the south corner


The computer charts will show little or no waves today, but I reckon there’s a few down there. I saw a chest high set at 8am…ok, so they’re not frequent, but if I had nothing to do, I’d pack a bag + board and spend the day down the beach. How good is it?

Forecast for the weekend is small surf. Not much will get about your waist to chest. Gosh, would give anything for a wave over head high. Pray for swell.

At precisely 12:20pm today my 300mm F2.8 will be sold on ebay via an auction. If you’re in the market for a long lens to shoot surfing – here it is. One of Canon’s sharpest lenses they’ve made.

Later :: uge

Max in the tightest pocket in Bondi

Bondi 7am, Take off.

Ricky Scott on wave of the morning

Chaci split

Icebergs right

Surfers get all the girls

Patiently waiting

Nice peeling mini right in the corner


4 thoughts on “Bump

  1. Ugene,
    One of the original organisers of Windansea Bondi and an enduring personality of Bondi died this morning at Scotts Head days before his 70th Birthday.
    Denis Lindsay was surfing at Bondi up until he moved to Scotts Head a few years ago.
    Denis was a well known identity both in Australia and overseas in the surfing world.
    Many will remember Denis Lindsay, Dave Spencer and Max Bowman together brought back to Australia the Windansea club format to Bondi in 1963.
    They moved Bondi into world prominence in the surfing world.
    Denis, a very quiet and affafable character will be missed by his many friends.

  2. R.I.P. Dennis.
    I had long talk with him when he came down to Bondi a couple of months ago to tell all his old mates he didn’t have long.
    Great bloke.

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