Last night's evil storm over Bondi. Duh, shoulda been there 5 mins before this!


Am I the only one that didn’t get a decent shot of last night’s evil storm? Wow, I’ve seen some great shots. I think I got down there 5 minutes too late – been slappin’ myself in the face ever since. Sorry team. I shot this one above but the clouds had already covered most of the bay. An old lady on my street showed me a shot she took on her iphone when it was peaking in the south…she asked me if it’s any good. Would probably hang it in the gallery.

I was down the beach bright and early scratching around for the gold shot (FOMO). Onshore, half-a-foot and grey. Not feeling the inspiration from the day I’ve elected to run a shoot I did a few weeks back for Vogue. When I got asked to shoot farrshion, I was a little like “hmm, not my thing”. Vogue threw in some big names like world champion Stephanie Gilmore, Laura Enever and Ellie Jean Coffey – oh and a heli ride…and brought everyone to my home beach for the shoot – how could I resist? The shots are running in the current issue of Miss Vogue – have a look at your local Newsagent. Here’s some shots that didn’t make the cut.

Float Your Boat – Rose Bay Paddle

On the 29th March ocean-loving recreational and elite paddlers will take the waters of Rose Bay in all manner of craft. SUP, surfboard, boogs or whatever floats – you can enter. Register here

::uge (FOMO)

From the bird for Vogue

World champion Stephanie Gilmore for Vogue

Laura Enever, sunset

Steph, waiting to paddle out

Steph, Laura and Ellie - team wave @ Bondi


Laura - white on white, Bondi

Ellie-Jean Coffey - powerful on her backhand

Steph Gilmore, perfect hooks.

Ellie Jean Coffey - 230,000 followers on the gram!

12 thoughts on “F O M O

  1. “An old lady on my street…” showed you a shot she took on her iPhone? I’m sure you meant no harm but a surprisingly disrespectful way to describe one of your neighbours, Uge.

    1. This is not the Tim Egan from Bronte of the 70s & 80s. Couldn’t be, he was never the left wing righteous type. Nah couldn’t be?

  2. Tough job you have there Uge !

    Any time you need an assistant don’t hesitate to call me !

    PS: I’ve said it before, and what the heck I’ll say it again, “the Beach Blog” is HUGE ! And, awesome !

  3. Awesome to see these shots of the girls ripping! all in all a great snapshot of the feminine in surfing 🙂

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