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Tune in, Tune out

This is how my morning unfolded:

  • 6:00am…first beach inspection – Junky and grey, looked onshore when it was meant to be offshore at Bondi (NE). Winds seem to be coming from the East. What tha? I was ready to shoot in the brine, all wettied up and all. Looked bad so headed home to rethink plan.
  • 6:20am…returned to beach with long lens (200mm to 400mm) and nifty 50 (mm). Waited for good waves – didn’t come. Went to south rocks for new angle…nope, nothing decent. Waited…waited. Starting thinking…better start shooting something else as surf isn’t that flash. Not many swimmers, no major events, not much light.
  • 7:00am...went home again. Wrestled the groms. Spike coated me in snot.
  • 7:30am…headed out again just with 50mm and the groms. Spike tried to lick every manky bin from Roscoe St. to beach. Will get sick for sure. Shot portraits of anyone I bumped into for a chat on the way. Waves looked 10 times better! What a improvement. Winds went offshore (true NE) and some nice ones rolling in (3-4 ft). Banks still lacking. Many waves were fat or closing out. Sun is out. Much better. I like.
  • 9:00am to now…stared at a wall looking inspiration to write this copy (not my strength – I like taking photos). Getting twitchy and need to surf.

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116 Roscoe Street

And I thought I was a bad speller

The waves were pretty dismal earlier today

Mad Max

Trimming the fat off some burgers

This red ute is following me around Bondi

Single finner

Monty, aged 91. His secret? Laugh lots.

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