Rain coming...Bondi 6:45am

The Beach People

There are no waves today. My little boy paddled in complaining the ocean was lifeless this morning (keep in mind he only weighs 28 kilos and can rip 6-inch chop). Swell is coming, and so is the rain.It will rain for days… Bondi has a great local community, especially in the mornings. Most people think […]

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Cute couple. North Bondi yesterday

Beach Dayz

The weather is warming up and Bondi is a hive of activity from 5:30 am. The weekend was perfect for a visit and the sands were packed. How good has the surf been lately? 6 days in a row of good conditions. Today slots into the ‘surfable’ category…like a lot of days down here that are […]

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Ski races, training, Bondi

The Challenge

“Don’t put up those bloody Hawaii shots! We want Bondi…” That’s how my morning started. The challenge was laid down in front of me as an avid reader piped up across the dog park. I had to try and make something interesting from the mundane. Bondi was a very bland flavour of grey this morning. It […]

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Friday Fling

The winds were howling onshore this morning and making a BIG mess. Bondi had a few rideable waves around waist to chest high…and when I say rideable…I’m being a little loose with my terminology. At least the storms have blown over revealing some decent sunshine. How crazy was that hail storm yesterday? Mental. Came out […]

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