The Beach People

There are no waves today. My little boy paddled in complaining the ocean was lifeless this morning (keep in mind he only weighs 28 kilos and can rip 6-inch chop).

Swell is coming, and so is the rain.
It will rain for days…

Bondi has a great local community, especially in the mornings. Most people think Bondi is all about those crazy crowded postcard days, 20,000 people on the beach‚Ķspinning rims, reflecto sunnies, lycra, baby oil – it is all that. Bondi also has a fantastic group of uber positive, local beachgoers that are down there every morning enjoying nature before starting their busy day. Here’s some of the crew I bumped into‚Ķ

Project Blank
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:: uge

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Maddy and Lisa


Cosmic Luke and Ange + bub


Junior (his name - not one of mine)

Jetty, I reckon he's been to a beach, every day of his 10 year existence

Will - he's 9 and ripping.


Post work-out cool down




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