Rainbow Flat, burnt out in Oct/Nov


It’s been a sombre start to the year as fires ravage our beautiful country. My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones and property. It’s just too sad for words. ⁣⁣I am profoundly grateful and have the highest respect for all of our selfless firefighters. I’m spending time outside of Sydney. Time […]

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Sets rolling in still. Good times


Good waves, good times…hope you’ve got the day off work. After so much recent agitation it looks like the ocean has finally settled. Bondi has some really fun waves on offer this morning. It looks like the sand movements from the recent pounding swell have improved the bank setup and closed the large gutters in […]

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I wasn’t really into school as a kid. I spent most of my days drawing in sketchbooks, hiding in the school darkroom under the stairs, daydreaming out the windows…and generally being a naughty little punk. Most of the time I would sketch waves…empty ones…dreaming of sliding down ’em. My school books were coated in penned […]

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