Rainbow Flat, burnt out in Oct/Nov

Rainbow Flat, burnt out in Oct/Nov


It’s been a sombre start to the year as fires ravage our beautiful country.

My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones and property. It’s just too sad for words.

⁣⁣I am profoundly grateful and have the highest respect for all of our selfless firefighters.

I’m spending time outside of Sydney. Time with the family and teaching the groms to surf (also educating them on fires). As I write this post, we have rain. Yes, rain. Oh, boy, what a pleasant sight. I never thought I’d be so grateful to see rain.

We’ve personally donated to the Red Cross Disaster relief, like many of you. If you haven’t, please do so. We’re also working on something big, with @hearts_on_fire_x which will launch next week as we’re auctioning a “money-can’t-buy” experience to help raise funds for those affected by bushfires.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. :: Uge

Donate to Red Cross Disaster Relief



Over 2,000 homes lost this fire season

It came close


Estuary dwellers

Newcastle Ocean Baths


Sea mist (not smoke)


Parallel lines




6 thoughts on “Scorched

  1. Hey Uge, my name is Richard Field and I run a safari travel company. I’d love to be involved in the Hearts on Fire X auction – we’ve already had offers from some of our African safari partners about potentially donating safaris in order to help. My number is 0405454921 – would be great to chat if you have a moment or perhaps you could point me in the direction of the right person to contact? Thanks, Richard

  2. Hi Uge,

    If I could just ask anyone out there who is thinking of donating to consider one of the many wonderful organisations that are rescuing and caring for our wildlife that has been so cruelly devastated by the fires.

  3. It is wonderful to hear about the rain! My prayer group out of Branson, Missouri, USA prayed specifically for a miracle rain for Australia! God is good. Will keep the prayers coming, God bless you

  4. Hi Uge,
    Love your work and have been following for years. I live in Sydney but born and bred in Narooma on the South Coast, and have been down there with family over the past few weeks so have gone through the fires with the rest of the South Coast. We are all traumatised, shellshocked and anxious with the threat not yet over and I personally can’t look at images of our decimated landscapes and piles of peoples houses yet, but would love to see some pics of our resilient forests sprouting new growth in the coming months (some have already started), something to give us a little bit of hope that maybe things will be ok in time. I would love to put that on my wall, if you are travelling through these areas again in the coming months would love to see your view through the lens on this. X

    1. Hi Vivian thanks for your comment. That’s so sad to hear about your home. I totally intend to shoot the regrowth stay tuned and stay safe Eugene

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