1st light wave fire


I wasn’t really into school as a kid. I spent most of my days drawing in sketchbooks, hiding in the school darkroom under the stairs, daydreaming out the windows…and generally being a naughty little punk. Most of the time I would sketch waves…empty ones…dreaming of sliding down ’em. My school books were coated in penned empty slabs from hell.

Grab a cuppa and ogle these lovely unridden waves. Dream of the lines you’d take and how shacked you’d get. All shot this week. All in remote NSW. Would you make it down ’em? Probably not…but one can dream.

Today’s a very wet and wild day in Sydney. Didn’t shoot this a.m. Have a fantastic wintery weekend.

:: uge

A perfect wave with no one around

Rude head

2 of us could fit inside this one...and some.


This is an aqua-bump

Thick. Heavy. Deep.

Standing tall

4 thoughts on “Empties

  1. So, Uge, you’re a self-made man. That’s nice yo hear. I think you have been lucky as well as very clever and talented with your career path. Not everyone will be as fortunate and you should really encourage school kids to work hard and get the most out of school that hey can. Or at least… not discourage them.


    1. Hey Merrick,

      Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate your opinion.

      Everyone is so different. School just seem irrelevant to me (honest truth)…but I am sure it was to the other 95% of my class.

      I have a saying though…the harder I work, the luckier I get. It all comes down to hard work.

      All the best. uge

    2. I don’t think this site is meant to be a cheer squad for homework!!

      Any school kids who are plonking about in class, doodling and skiving off, would surely be massively encouraged by the talent, dedication and professionalism they see on Aquabumps every day of the year….

  2. Hey Uge, wicked shot No. 60029! The light is exquisite. Real stand out shot. I predict you’ll be moving a fair few of this one.

    I didn’t care much for school either by the way and I’m doing real well.

    Keep it real.

    Dan (Frankie’s old man)

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