Francoise surf check


Under a blanket of thick morning cloud, we have waves! Hooray! I’m calling it 3-4 footers. Winds are currently offshore and surfaces are clean. I’d surf it before the winds swing light onshore later today. A higher tide seems to make it hold up better also. This week we have some great weather coming – […]

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Tamarama burgerland lefts


Softies, Coolites, Foamies, Softtops, Beaters, Esky lids… Bondi is the global mecca of these incredibly buoyant surf vehicles. Everywhere I look these days I see Softies in the surf at Bondi. It’s a revolution! There are more soft boards than hard boards these days. Not saying it’s bad or nuttin’ – just an observation. My kids […]

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By the sea…

Do you know the best time to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition – TODAY! You need 30 knot howling winds, rain and cooler temps to clear the path. You can walk freely to Bronte right now…just take a rain coat and your french beret and get all arty. It’s the 19th year that […]

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the now

There’s not much to write about today (surfwise). I’m a little stumped for words. Onshaw, small and grey. If you find yourself paddling out there you’ve got plenty of spare time. Pass the crumpets ol’ boy. Tomorrow – same same but cleaner. Saturday – bigger 3 feet…and some east swell action approaching. Better still, 27 […]

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Bondi Collage

Bondi cracks me up. There is ALWAYS something going on down there in the morning. Well today started like most others of this week – 2-3 foot onshore slop, overcast skies, Jono + Wal + Kirby + Andrej were out ripping (the usuals)…vmmmmpt…hang on, a giant transformer figure (25 foot high) is plonked on the […]

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Yesterday was a much better day than today. At least there were a few waves, the sun was shining and the perfect offshores created the ultimate beach weather. A south change rocked in last night bringing clouds, onshore winds and turning the waves into mush. 1ft dribbly mush. Yesterday was a big day down at […]

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