Sculptures by Da Sea is back

the now

There’s not much to write about today (surfwise). I’m a little stumped for words. Onshaw, small and grey. If you find yourself paddling out there you’ve got plenty of spare time. Pass the crumpets ol’ boy.

Tomorrow – same same but cleaner. Saturday – bigger 3 feet…and some east swell action approaching. Better still, 27 and mostly sunny on Saturday – HIT THE BEACH. Might even dust off the bird for some aerial shooting…

Everyone is fitness mad in this town. At sunrise I am perched up on a grassy hill with my camera watchin’ thousands go exercise mad. Bootie camps, boxing, sand soft’n, cycling, thai chi’n, and even a lady waving around a Chinese sword – I get tired just watching. Well this Sunday (31st Oct) between 9-10 there is the biggest training group ever on Bondi Beach…why? To support Breast Cancer Awareness. Price is $20 and all donations go to the McGrath Foundation. EVERYONE IS WELCOME – Register at 8:30am…and wear pink (Pagey, just pick out one of your key pieces). More

The Now

This has gotta be one of the most exciting surf film launches in a while. ‘The Now’ by Riley Blakeway. Well made, well shot and ‘surfing’ like you’ve not seen before. Chippa Wilson gettin’ all rad. Watch trailer and pics

Angus Nardi, a year older, a new father

Damn rabbits digging holes in the lawn again. Big rabbits.

Mr. Kowalski - wings flappin'

Oh boy...onshore dribbles

3 thoughts on “the now

  1. Dude love your work…nice update on what i missed when i go to gym instead of surfing. Today …i missed nothing. Question – how do you get that effect as in :Tamarama 7:20am | Sculptures by Da Sea is back, where the edges are blurred is it a filter, lens or post shot editing software?

    Cheers Clint

  2. Great photo of Angus Nardi.
    I’m a bit late, but congrats to you and the missus Gus… look forward to catching up.

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