We've got a big tree washed up at Bondi today


Bondi is a mess in and out of the water. There’s heaps of storm debris littered along our shoreline. A huge tree also washed up yesterday, haven’t seen that before. I visited a few of my regular Eastern Suburbs beaches this morning, the surf looked very messy, onshore and uninviting. Since my morning shoot, it […]

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Pink skies for Valentines. Bowl-a-rama stadium is up


Bondi’s skies blew pink hues for Valentine’s Day today. Really warm and muggy morning – waveless. I am talking as flat as Bondi could possibly be. Fellas, here is a few last minute gift ideas: Our Bondi Beach Aquabumps Gallery has a whole pile of stuff to give her (from $35), we’re open until 6 pm […]

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It’s that time of the year where I’m beltin’ out that word – salubrious! The water conditions are just ridiculous. I’m talking 24-25 degrees and silky smooth this a.m. Good underwater vis as well. There’s a lil’ wave chuggin’ into the bay. It’s quite weak, flimsy and 2 foot. Loads of people down the beach […]

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This morning sure ain’t pretty. The waves were onshore, sloppy and 2-3 footish. 1 surfer was sniffing around out the back whilst another dude jogs on the beach – that’s about it. The grey weather has scared off everyone. Had some trouble finding inspiration so I defaulted to my recent Hawaiian gold. Needless to say, […]

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World ranked no. 3, Taj Burrow was out at K-Bay last night. Quite spectacular to watch what is possible on your home turf. Even when the waves weren’t great, TB was pulling off some of the biggest airs with amazing pace, making it look way too easy. Yesterday’s swell has now dissipated, and at sunrise […]

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