Bondi this it's best light


It’s that time of the year where I’m beltin’ out that word – salubrious! The water conditions are just ridiculous. I’m talking 24-25 degrees and silky smooth this a.m. Good underwater vis as well.

There’s a lil’ wave chuggin’ into the bay. It’s quite weak, flimsy and 2 foot.

Loads of people down the beach this morning with huge smiles. It’s a great time of year to be on the beach.

Valentines Day is this Sunday. So pen this down fellas. Visit Floreat Floral’s website, pick a bunch and get it delivered between 8am and 3pm on Sunday. Gain massive brownie points. Call 0417 894 786 or do it all online here. They’re based in the East and very good.

:: uge

Swim - mandatory

How good do these little lefts look?

Morning rayz


The contagious smile of Sarah Glover

The next Slater, training on the left in the middle

Rights were plentiful

Biggest grommet of them all. Andy.

SG, knock knee

Lara Damelian trimming the lip

Geoff basking in the morning golds mowing down traffic

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