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Von Doom

The doom and gloom has arrived into Bondi this morning. The skies dark and the winds onshore…waves, well, they’re a tiny knee to waist high. Can you surf it? Yep, just lower your expectations a little and ride something fat.

Good news – it will clear and be sunny this afternoon.

The water is warm like a bath. Go see.

2016 is the first year in ages we’re not going to Hawaii. Don’t wanna talk about it. Been going 7 winters in a row. Of course this is the year that the Eddie is running and Pipe has been lighting up daily. Green light. Sirens ringing. It’s going down on Wednesday Hawaiian time (Thursday here). More

This is what my swell alert said from Hawaii:

TIME: 2 pm
SURF: 47-56ft
PRIMARY SWELL: 41.7ft at 18s NW (327)
SECONDARY SWELL: 0.4ft at 7.6s NNE (15)
WIND: 10kts NE (47)

I reckon that’s big enough to put white wash in our old back yard. Guttered.

:: uge

Jenna Kruiskamp skimming under the clouds

Charlotte heading out to sea

Mickey Malouf dancing in the morning light

Izi glider

Hypo Livvy Phyland and her morning swim

Sunday crowds

An idea for Valentines!

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