Taj Burrow, world no. 3 - boosting


World ranked no. 3, Taj Burrow was out at K-Bay last night. Quite spectacular to watch what is possible on your home turf. Even when the waves weren’t great, TB was pulling off some of the biggest airs with amazing pace, making it look way too easy.

Yesterday’s swell has now dissipated, and at sunrise it was only 1-2 foot and weak. Might be a little spike later today. That’s about it – oh and it’s gonna rain this weekend. Surf looks a bit ordinary as well.

Zee Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend though…and remember Monday is Valentine’s day…maybe upgrade from last years present – a six pack of UDLs and watching the footie to a Aquabumps framed print or book…buy online today (cause we’re closed every Monday). 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788

Thanks. uge

Looks like a Off the Wall wave...

Founder of Electric Visuals, Jon Laurenson

Cemetery airs - Taj

Fading the little fella.

Alex Kiss, foamie bashing

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  1. Uge – love your book mate its on our coffee table at work – you should branch out and do some bali pics – that would be absolutely awesome. I was in Bali and wanted to get some nice photos of the people and landscape for the home but they just dont have it there – there seems to be a hell of a lot of hand drawn stuff which was a bit over done –


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