Thursday, December 23, 2004

To begin today, we’ve got waist to occasionally shoulder high waves, little bit bumpy from the slight onshore winds. It’s rideable (weak), not mega by any stretch of the imagination. E/NE will blow 15 to 20 knots this afternoon making a mash of the small south swell. So my suggestion would be to finish up dat xmas shopping, don the santa hat and kick back. Nothing fantastic happening over the next 4 days as well…sorry for those heading out of town on the big surf missions. Pray for swell.

The Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival is screening the World Premiere of Taj Burrow’s new film FAIR BITS in the open-air arena at Sydney’s Rat Park, Narrabeen Jan 2nd 6:30pm. Be one of the few to watch the festival on a 48 foot screen. Special guests which include Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson and Mark Occhilupo. More info or Tickets from Ticketek website.
Snap off the lip film festival are looking for footage of Sydney cranking. You need to get your stuff in by 21st Jan. View website
Well look at that…another year has passed. Today’s gonna be the last bumpy report until the 4th Jan. For those that don’t know, Aquabumps has been running for 4 years now. Hard to believe that it all started with a pocket digital camera (which was something from outa space at the time) and sending some surf shots to a couple mates in the year 2000 "hey boyz check dis surf out – epic"
…no marketing (apart from my dribbles at the pub)…no money…didn’t even have a website until 12 months ago (used to send emails via my work email address – you used to be able to see everyone cc’ed in the email, pics were attachments – ha!).
From this base, there are now 10,000 daily subscribers all over the globe. Heaps more just browse the site. Cool eh.
This email weaves it way through to offshore oil rigs off Africa, boyz up in California, loads of crew freezing in London, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, NZ, New York, few in Mexico, Chile, France, more than expected in Italy, the Roch in Spain, I could go on…I’m stoked you can see what I see in the mornings, cause Sydney is a pretty awesome place to live.
I have to thank a heap of people that help Aquabumps, firstly Dave Birch for his programming genius behind bumps, Soph – bumps no.1 supporter, Ness, Jamie, Maddog, Zac Zavos, Charlie, Kell & Rigby, Andrew Cuccurullo, Mal from Coastalwatch, Sinclair Black, Tsubi Mark, S-central Kelvin Khoo for hosting, Marty and Sonia Simich from Bondi Kiosk, Jackie’s, Bondi Social, Jay from Beachculture, Poggy from Wonderland parties, Lara Stella, Colin from Bishop Displays, Miss Bondi for giving me another 500 subscribers +, Ian + Libby Rowe, everyone that bought Aquabumps tees and prints, and all yooooouuusse! (I know I will send this and go DUH! forgot someone).
You might see a bit more advertising in 2005, basically I’ve quit my full time job and trying to make a business out of the bumps. Whilst consciously trying to retain the uncluttered, clean feel of this site, I need to make a little bit of cash or you’ll find me sleeping on the beach with a disposable camera.
Have a great xmas and new year. Hope you get waves…

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Wednesday, 22nd December 2004

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

El Bondi 7am – mixed all sorts, couple good, couple badHola ninos…Lil’ bit late getting sorted with the report today. Well, we’ve got some fun waves around the place from a small south swell. 7am at Bondi saw a mixture of goodies, and a few fat burgers. But hey, it’s around head high on the sets, so if you’re not running around in you’re undies and a Santa Claus hat, boozed (e.g. Mannie), it might be worth paddling into. The earlier the better today, as the wind will swing to E/SE messing up the reasonably decent morning surface quality (was offshore earlier). This small swell will only appear at South facing beaches, so if you’re on holidays already, enjoy. Me thinks it will get busy out there…Tomorrow, similar – slightly smaller. Max land temp 25 degrees. Water 20 degrees. High tide 17:35 Low tide 11:46. Bumps closes from 24th Dec to 3rd Jan…

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Bondi 7am – head high and bumpyHiya…A violent south change last night has broken the weekend’s North easterly wind pattern, creating bumpy surfable onshore waves this morning. Bondi was looking pretty junky in the south corner, with a hand full of crew sniffin’ the odd decent set wave. Perhaps when the tide gets lower it will improve (low tide 10:30am). It’s only 23 degrees today, with a strong wind warning (25/30knots of SE). Get wet if you’re already on holidays…

There’s been huge waves in Hawaii as you’ve probably read in the papers. The Eddie Aikau Invitational was won by Bruce Irons on 15 Dec. Waves ranged from 25 to 40 foot! INFO
Looking a bit shabby in your old tees, I reckon you could spruce up in a new Aquabumps tee. Perhaps need a xmas cool gift for your partner? Order an Aquabumps tee online now and you’ll get it next day if you’re within Sydney area. Interstate, next day if available. The men’s tee is covered in bumps scribble, which are the subject lines of these reports. Buy big, BUY ONLINE
Also check out the new Kitten store in Paddo.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Bondi 7am – over head high sets, fat & funEven with an overnight decrease in swell size, we’ve still got solid chunx out the back of Bondee south corner worthy of a hack. It’s a bit on the burgerish (fat) side, nonetheless you’ll get the odd one. With a 7am low tide, it looked better as I was leaving the beach with a bit more wall on offer. This mornings E/NE winds will turn E/SE in the afternoon, so if not out at a boozey Christmas do, might be an idea to get wet before the swell fades away leaving small scraps for the weekend. High tide 13:25 Low tide 7am & 20:18. Water Temp 20 degrees, max land temp of 25 degrees today. (34 on Sunday!)

The mad rush for Christmas shopping is here. So I thought I would help you out with a few suggestions:

Local cruza Damion Fuller from Kitten, has just opened a new Kitten store in Paddo (4 Glenmore rd). Great edgy gear for the chix. View site
A deluxe huge retro beach towel from one trip round available at David Jones. View Towels
An Official Aquabumps tee (for both blokes and chix). Order online now to get them before chrissy via express post. Buy now
Or how about a new El Nino softboard, great for beginners or a session when the flags are up during summer. Get down to Let’s Go Surfing North Bondi to pick one up from Wacca – tell him you’re from the bumps. View site

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bondi 7am – big chunxHola! Overnight the swell has cleaned up and we’ve got big chunx rolling into Bondi (8-10ft faces). If you like rogue bumps – today is your day. South Bondi had a right hander that was kinda fat, but the size would get the blood pumping enough to let out a "yeehaaaaaa". Had to pick the right ones as some closed out, some just formed into fat burgers whilst the odd one would line up down the bay towards the wally inside bank. You’ve gotta pick it on the right tide… High tide 12:27 Low tide 05:54. Once the tide is in, it will turn into burgerland, so mid to low tide should be the go. The winds will blow 10 knots of NE winds (which is fine for Bondee). Enough of my dribble. Go surfing. Think you’ll find most places have waves today.

If you’re keen on a hot Christmas gift for someone, how about one of the limited edition Aquabumps tee shirts. Designs are professionally screen printed on renowned high quality American Apparel blanks from the U.S. (sweatshop free). Tees for both women are available from the online store. Buy Now
…the perfect beach towel has been spotted. New local label One Trip Round has got it right. HUGE towels, cool retro designs and clever packaging. Great XMAS gift. In David Jones and selected stores – call 0407 307 128 for more information.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bondi 7am – ugly chunx, too much water moving to surf. Messy.kabooom! Ugly chunx breaking all over the place dis morning. South swell machine has kicked in overnight producing largish chunx around 8-10 foot faces on the big sets in the bay. It’s onshore with loads of water moving around, hopefully improving the banks. Saw two guys trying to paddle out in the south without success. North is surfable – but similar to a washing machine. Need to wait until it calms down a bit. Tomorrow looks rooool noice.

So many surf films on at the moment. Last night Tim Bonython’s Quicksilver film night ran at the North Bondi RSL. Tim’s latest creation Blackwater told the tale of the most feared wave in the world – Teahuppo. It’s on again at Maroubra Seals this Thurs night. Info
Well tonight again North Bondi has more surf films on, the Soul Riders Film festival with "Children of the sun" and "Fantastic Plastic Machine". Tickets are $5.
Have a great day…wax up.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bondi 7am – small, sunny and playfulNow I’m not commenting on the weather, as it seems to change on the hour at the moment. How’s that vicious storm yesterday? When I was down at Bondee this morning the sun was out, water surface was glassy and there were a few fun waist to (occasionally) chest high waves in the southern corner. Not much push in the baby swell, yet fun to be had. It’s much smaller than yesterday…some south east winds will blow this arvo stirring up bigger (but probably) junkie conditions for tomorrow. Thursday is looking pretty tasty. Yeeeeeha.

Loads of people ask me whether I go for a surf in the morning. The answer is rarely. (Heaps of crew think I loiter down the beach all day – moowhwhaha – I wish). Doing this email takes around 3 – 4 hours per day. Kinda gotta make money for the rest of the day (toss’n burgers). However today I got out there whilst Sam Mac took some shots.
Tonight at the North Bondi RSL is the Quicksilver movie night. – if ya can’t get a ticket, it’s coming back Jan 12th.
How often do you get to see films of your local break going off? Snap Off the Lip film festival, that’s exactly what they’re interested in: normal surfers capturing the best of their home breaks on film. View website

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Bondi 7am – not too bad…head high on sets.A humid start to the week, and we’ve been blessed with some fun waves. We welcome the new south swell direction after a week of northerly wind swells. Bondee was breaking up to head high on sets, and there was fun to be had early this morning. The 09:43 high tide will turn fun waves in fat burgers – so best paddle out closer to the 16:33 low tide. Wind: N/NE 8/13 knots, freshening to 15/20 knots in the afternoon and tending W/SW 10/15 knots later in the evening

Loads of stuff happening around Bondi upon the commencement of silly season. Miss Bondi finals took place on the weekend in front of a packed Beach Road Hotel (vocal) crowd. Amongst the sweltering heat, 13 contestants paraded for the $5k prize money (and Sir Dickie even threw in 2 tickets to Europe). Yep we have a winner! Congratulations Rachael Fenech!
Yep, its true, Sir Richard Branson flew into Bondi last Thursday dangling from a helicopter to find himself immersed in 12 bikini clad Miss Bondi finalists. (See piccy). And girls, if you’re over Miss Bondi, apparently Mr Bondi is coming up…Ness can cover that story.
The classic bumps shot of English Undie man trying to pick up last week made it into the Sunday Telegraph. Click here to see Sam de Brito’s take on the shot.
The Bondi Openair Cinema is back for the summer. Don’t miss tonight’s surf flick "Billabong Odyssey" at 8pm, Bondi Pavillion. You’ll even catch the 7min "Mangrommet" film, created by Christian Bernadi and Christian Tan of our recent Mentawai surf trip before the main movie. To win one of 20 double passes email [email protected]. For more info, latest weather conditions and tickets check out

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bondi 7:12am – north east swell continues
to miss bondi – borza.
Pretty lame morning down at Bondi. Yawn. Don’t get me wrong, there’s
a decent North swell still in town however it’s missing the south
facing Bondee, and rolling into other more exposed beaches. It’s
a wind swell on the decline, so if you surf an exposed beach expect well
over head high – whilst Bondi struggles to produce knee to waist
high bumps. Go for a drive…hunt around, you’ll find something.
Northern beaches would have something fun to play with.
Earlier this week I captured a funny shot of an English
backpacker trying to chat up girls on the beach in is white undies (good
look). Well today a different sort of English traveler will be doing similar.
The word on the street is Sir Richard Branson will be
jumping out a of helicopter above Bondi, at 12:40pm today, Bungy jumping
into the 12 Miss Bondi finalists…you know, pretty standard stuff really.
Only at Bondi. It’s a publicity stunt to expose his new airline
route into Sydney. Don’t forget Miss Bondi Finals this Saturday
at Beach Road 2pm (No names).
Quicksilver Australian Surf Movie festival
is coming to North Bondi RSL on the 13th and 14th Dec. Tickets $15 –

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bondi 7am – full northerly swell, chunky, bumpy head high setsSydney’s northerly weather pattern continues bringing NE winds and a full tilt northerly swell. Swell’s now picked up overnight to a decent size and expect well over head high at north east exposed beaches. It’s a bumpy wind swell lacking real grunt…potentially fun nonetheless. Bondi was sheltered from the NE winds however smaller. South Bondi was pretty random with the odd right inside, North Bondi looked better with a nice left rockn’ in every 10 -15 minutes (large crowd), very inconsistent. So there’s waves, just pick the right ones and have a look around. High tide 17:51 Low tide 11:57, Wind: N/NE 20/30 knots, reaching 30/35 knot offshore.

Cars are getting stolen from the Bondi carpark (reports Michael Bridges). One went again yesterday morning…you’ve gotta take your key out in the surf with you – don’t leave it in a towel on the beach as you’re being watched, even early mornings. Michael also suggests leaving your valuables at home…Mannie, perhaps leave the blow up doll at home next time. Speaking of cars, someone fire bombed a car out the front of my joint at Tama last night…
If you’re in Sydney for NYE, get sorted for the NYE wonderland party. This years it at the THE HAKOAH on Hall Street Bondi. Tickets are available from Parade Music, Campbell Parade Bondi. (pre sales tickets only).
Saw a preview to a great new surf movie which is coming out next year – RIDING GIANTS. The director Stacey Peralta, of the famed mad skaters in the 70’s, chose to capture the progression of surfing from its Polynesian roots. Great viewing…more info to come…
Live music tonight at Ruby Rabit featuring Andy Bull´┐Ż7pm – midnight 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst – Drinks are on us, 7 – 8pm $10 Admission

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bondi 6:30am – northerly wind swell waist to shoulderThe northerly wind swell has increased in size overnight producing waist to shoulder high waves down at Bondi. You’ll find much bigger stuff at other breaks which face more east/north – however the wind is side/offshore at Bondi where exposed beaches may be more wind affected. This wind swell is fat and weak – creating shore burgers lacking substance. If you were to go for a drive I am sure you’d find something fun. Better be quick at the wind is about to howl from the NE. Strong wind warning. Wind: NE 20/30 knots. Winds inshore 13/18 knots at first. Max land temp. 25 degrees with a thunderstorm imminent…

You know it’s summer in Bondi when you get down the beach early and a dozen or so partying tourists are continuing from the night before, sculling wine from the cast (like Ness does) before a swim in their white fronts, followed by a face first pass out in the sand. Silly season is officially open!
Heat 3 of Miss Bondi was held at the Beach Road Hotel last Saturday. The final is this Saturday. Karlos got down there for a few fotos – view gallery
Newgency is seeking a full time senior designer with exceptional design skills, tertiary qualifications, and a minimum of 3-4 years of experience in a professional new media agency. An inclination for a Friday afternoon drink is also highly regarded.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Bondi 7am – ENE wind swell, knee to waist highGood morning all…another awesome summer’s morning with small ENE wind swells producing knee high waves. Good day for beginners or a dip. Similar northerly pattern all week – tomorrow should be slightly larger, nothing to get too excited about, surfable at northerly exposed beaches (wind sell = no power). Looks tiny towards the end of the week. Boo.

Wind: N/NE 10/15 knots increasing to 20/25 knots in the afternoon. Maximum of 25 degrees with clouds developing this arvo with a possible thunderstorm. Got some gold shooting in the water this morning – took the 1st snap of a lip breaking on my head with a fisheye. Rool noice.
A friend of mine has started a new business for those crew who want a break in the TV industry. So if you want to be on TV – check out Catapult –
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Resmedia present RESFEST 2004. This year, Thomas Campbell’s surf movie ‘Sprout’ is being featured on Sunday 12th December at 8:30pm @ Dendy Opera Quays. I’ve heard great things about this surf movie – if it’s anything like his paintings… it will pure creative genius. I have 10 x buy 1 ticket get one free for this Sunday. Click here if you want one.
Have a great day…

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bondi 7am – junky onshore waist to shoulder highAt around 4 o’clock yesterday a dramatic south change exploded in Sydney transforming the sweltering summer conditions. The city cooled down by 10 degrees in a matter of minutes. A change like that is only possible in Sydney (psycho weather). The winds have kicked up some windswell pushing shoulder high junkies into Bondi this morning. Few guys out – not much on offer with onshore ESE 15 knots. High tide 12:23 Low tide 19:20. Tomorrow looks more inviting with lighter winds and head high stuff. Weekend looks like small fun surf with northerly winds (good for Bon-dee)…lots of dead birds spread out along the shores this morning…sus. Don’t know why…

SALE TIME! Wanna know how Dazza from Darlo can afford so many designer threads? Get onto and find out where the Diesel, Sass & Bide, Buddhist Punk, Damselfly, Gucci and more are on sale at up to 90% off retail.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bondi 7am – knee high and fatAfter a steamy night in Sydney the swell continues to fade leaving us with knee high fat dribbles down at Bondi. You’d wanna be keen – today is the smallest day for the week. Even the frothn’ man grommets have surrendered to a morning swim leaving the boards at home. You won’t see a ripple if you’re not facing south. It’s gonna cook for the 1st half of today, reaching 35 degrees and possibly 39. A predicted late south change will cool down Sydney and hopefully bring some swell. Psycho Sydney weather will drop to 23 degrees tomorrow, so make the most of warm weather and go for a dip. Swell will pick up for tomorrow and Friday and Saturday look ok at this stage.

Coastal House Builder Wanted Do you know a house builder who surfs? If so, I know of the perfect project them. We require a builder to build a beach house on the NSW north coast. It is a beautiful spot with awesome surf. Timeframe – begin construction early to mid next year. House style – pole house, colourbond walls and roofs, timber frames/floors – beach house. If you or you know someone who would be mega keen – get the builder to contact us
Bondi to Bronte SwimBondi to Bronte swim is on this 10am Sunday 5th Dec. All proceeds go to Bronte SLSC. You could win a trip to Fiji or Vanuatu. Enter Online
Contempo – Art Gallery of NSW End of Year Party 7pm Friday 3rd December. Support the arts by indulging your senses with the Seven Deadly Sins Contempo Christmas Party. Tickets include a gluttony of food and drink and a night of entertainment that’s bound to cause you some problems with Saint Peter. Aquabumps members $65 per ticket. Book Online

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