Thursday, December 23, 2004

To begin today, we’ve got waist to occasionally shoulder high waves, little bit bumpy from the slight onshore winds. It’s rideable (weak), not mega by any stretch of the imagination. E/NE will blow 15 to 20 knots this afternoon making a mash of the small south swell. So my suggestion would be to finish up dat xmas shopping, don the santa hat and kick back. Nothing fantastic happening over the next 4 days as well…sorry for those heading out of town on the big surf missions. Pray for swell.

The Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival is screening the World Premiere of Taj Burrow’s new film FAIR BITS in the open-air arena at Sydney’s Rat Park, Narrabeen Jan 2nd 6:30pm. Be one of the few to watch the festival on a 48 foot screen. Special guests which include Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson and Mark Occhilupo. More info or Tickets from Ticketek website.

Snap off the lip film festival are looking for footage of Sydney cranking. You need to get your stuff in by 21st Jan. View website

Well look at that…another year has passed. Today’s gonna be the last bumpy report until the 4th Jan. For those that don’t know, Aquabumps has been running for 4 years now. Hard to believe that it all started with a pocket digital camera (which was something from outa space at the time) and sending some surf shots to a couple mates in the year 2000 "hey boyz check dis surf out – epic"

…no marketing (apart from my dribbles at the pub)…no money…didn’t even have a website until 12 months ago (used to send emails via my work email address – you used to be able to see everyone cc’ed in the email, pics were attachments – ha!).

From this base, there are now 10,000 daily subscribers all over the globe. Heaps more just browse the site. Cool eh.

This email weaves it way through to offshore oil rigs off Africa, boyz up in California, loads of crew freezing in London, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, NZ, New York, few in Mexico, Chile, France, more than expected in Italy, the Roch in Spain, I could go on…I’m stoked you can see what I see in the mornings, cause Sydney is a pretty awesome place to live.

I have to thank a heap of people that help Aquabumps, firstly Dave Birch for his programming genius behind bumps, Soph – bumps no.1 supporter, Ness, Jamie, Maddog, Zac Zavos, Charlie, Kell & Rigby, Andrew Cuccurullo, Mal from Coastalwatch, Sinclair Black, Tsubi Mark, S-central Kelvin Khoo for hosting, Marty and Sonia Simich from Bondi Kiosk, Jackie’s, Bondi Social, Jay from Beachculture, Poggy from Wonderland parties, Lara Stella, Colin from Bishop Displays, Miss Bondi for giving me another 500 subscribers +, Ian + Libby Rowe, everyone that bought Aquabumps tees and prints, and all yooooouuusse! (I know I will send this and go DUH! forgot someone).

You might see a bit more advertising in 2005, basically I’ve quit my full time job and trying to make a business out of the bumps. Whilst consciously trying to retain the uncluttered, clean feel of this site, I need to make a little bit of cash or you’ll find me sleeping on the beach with a disposable camera.

Have a great xmas and new year. Hope you get waves…

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