Friday, December 23, 2005

Well that’s it for another year – Aquabumps 5th
year. What started as an email to a few mates has now grown rapidly
to be viewed by approximately 16-17,000 per day all around the globe.
It was a big year for this site…
To wind up this year I thought I’d include some of
my favourite shots as the surf today is dribblin’ knee cap breakers
and hardly worth speaking of – and I don’t think it will improve
for quite a few days.
We close down for 3 weeks now!
I know you all think that Aquabumps is a huge empire
with multi storey building at Bondi, hundreds of employees…and
we all work 2 hours a day and surf for the rest making zillions
(now that sounds good) but there is a fair bit to get this site
cranking and I have to thank many people who generously help out
in exchange for a collectors edition Aquabumps tee – or most of
the time for free!
Special Thanks to: Dave Birch (technical
code monkey who built Aquabumps), Jamie Verco (Landlord, Lead business
consultant and coffee boy), Ness Rowe (censorship, lead consultant
and Aquabumps tour chef), all the advertisers, everyone who bought
a print or tee, Aquatech (Craig, Al and Andrew – water housing department),
Karl Page (side kick photographer at events), Christian Tan (tester,
tee model, bro, and consultant), Damion & Fern Fuller (fashion
department), Kane Skennar (photographic consultant), Marky Mark
Wiesmayr (general advice and frotha), Mal from coastalwatch, Andrew
Cuccurullo (mentor1), Mike Kean (mentor2), Saxon (frothin’ advice
and kickin’ me along), Legendary Jon Frank (who got me into water
shooting), Bishop Displays (for framing my prints), Richard from
Underwater Australia Gallery, Matty Yo for words of encourage every
day, Kylie for me 1st digi, Lucy (Aquabumps 1st part time employee
– level 2), Zac Zavos (online consultant and web extraordinaire),
Chib (humor quality control and motivator), S-central (web hosting),
Sam Mac and Derek from Stab (bits’n’pieces), Eclipse Group (for
letting me start this thing), Aloha (me boards), The Rowe family,
Andrew Boddy (design consultant), Chris Jones (coding frotha), Darryl
Nichols from Soul Riders, Marnie from Pages, n2n chix for putting
up with moi, Shuvs (help getting it all started – No.1 supporter)
me parents…I’ve sooo forgot someone mega important and will cringe
later. And thanks to all-youseeee who read this ramble…
Have a great Christmas and New Year. See you
mid Jan. ::Uge (that’s pronounced YOOOJ not ooooggeee
for the record).

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hot night last night – the heat was thick until
the welcomed minor south change rocked in cooling the town down.
This morning the new winds mashin’ up what little surf we have on
offer this morning. Bondi was max’ing at waist high. Very
messed up [and I’m not talking about Jamie Mann]. It’s
no oil painting today with grey overcast skies…leave the board
at home.
High tide 13:19, Low tide
20:07, max 27 degrees, South to southeasterly winds, fresh at first,
easing during morning. Whopping 38 degrees on Saturday! Crank the
bbq. Surf outlook is looking very grim for the next 5 days so get
swept up in Xmas celebrations.
Just so you all know, Aquabumps closes
down for 3 weeks after the last report tomorrow. In this
time you will not be receiving emails from bumps…hence no need
to unsubscribe in worry that you’ll be flooded upon return of your
summer vacation.

is about to kick off for another year. This year is featuring Jack’s
new film “Free as a Dog” starring Parko. I have 2 VIP tickets to
the opening night at the State Theatre (Monday 2nd Jan). You could
be hanging with cool cats such as Occy, Parko, Taj, Luke Egan and
Jack on the big night. To get these tickets you need to name Parko’s
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Other tickets are available for opening night – Check
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to secure yours.
Later, —-> uge (south
de border)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nice surprise this morning with some juicy lil’ waves down Bondi way. Average wave height around waist to chest high with larger sets up around head high. Inviting conditions with barely any wind, silky smooth surfaces and ultra deluxo warm water. These southern bumps are on the decline so an early sess is the go – tomorrow you won’t find much at all. It’s going to be a feisty-thirty-three-degrees today and perfectly sunny, with north easterly breezes later on today.

Hard core facts for surftechos – High tide 12:37, low tide 19:27. NW wind will swing NE. Max land temp 32. Water 21-22. Swell declining fast. 1-2 foot tomoz. Water visibility – mega.
A perfect day to be NOT working…hanging on a south facing beach scoring the odd wave in between beach sleeps…Livin’ the dream. Later, Uge

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

See bullet points for more details:

A small south swell is producing surfable waist
high waves with the odd freak set around shoulder high – but you’ll
have to be very patient in flat patches. Decent banks.
The water is crystal clear. Clearest I’ve ever
seen it (Mentawaiesque). Water is also a perfect temperature –
my guess 21-22 degrees – perfect for the boardies.
Early light NW winds creating glassy surfaces.

It was 27 degrees at 7am today. How good.
Its 5 days from Christmas – eat-sleep-surf-a-thon.
Send gifts to PO Box 3418 Tamarama please.
This time of year everyone is pretty stoked and
has their priorities in order. Work ain’t up high on the list.

Buy Wonderland
tickets. $38 from Parade Music Bondi, T:9365 1248
Hit Ticketek
to get tickets to the opening night of the Billabong Jack McCoy
Surf Film festival opening on the 2nd January at State Theatre.
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Check out 33South’s
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Swim. Surf. Sit on a rock.
Buy Berocca.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Huh-wot? <Insert vague look> Bet ya there’s
some dusty heads around the traps today after a turbo charged silly
season weekend…especially for the odd 2000 cats that rocked up
to Bondi Pavilion yesterday for the Tsubi/Modular Christmas extravaganza
with WolfMother (they cranked), Sneaky, Cut Copy, Vanshe… Got
some classic snaps. Click this button below to view:

No waves this morning – but its going to change. Waves come back
later today after a howling 20 knot SE wind. I reckon 3 foot onshore
Bondi tonight – really messy. Tue/Wed will be the pick of the days
this week. 24 degrees today, water warm 21, high tide 11:16 low
tide 18:06.
forget the Wonderland boys are doing a show at the Eastern this
New Year’s Eve. 3 floors of Entertainment… limited tickets from
Parade Music Bondi (t:9365 1248) 9pm to late – $38 + BF. View

New record – Took me about 6 hours to collate this
report. Things not happening too fast today. Drink water. later,

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Friday, December 16, 2005

morning I cranked up the new pole to get elevation for some different
angles – heavy sucker. Surf Report: Not much happening in the wave
department – around 5am there were a few (so I’ve been told), but
at 7am it fizzled out and I could only find a waist high shorey
which wasn’t doin’it. Swell is now coming from the NE so other breaks
like Whaley, Bra…should show more of a bump. High tide 09:19 Low
tide 16:07 – water temp is deluxe – no rubber required.
Clouds should clear, the day shall bake (max. 29),
winds will swing from NW & blow NE, swell will drop before coming
back for a visit early next week (and looking juicy)…so until
then enjoy silly season.

is about to kick off for another year. This year is featuring Jack’s
new film “Free as a Dog” starring Parko. I have 2 VIP tickets to
the opening night at the State Theatre (Monday 2nd Jan). You could
be hanging with cool cats such as Occy, Parko, Taj, Luke Egan and
Jack on the big night. To get these tickets you need to name Parko’s
dog – ENTER.
Other tickets are available for opening night – Check
out Ticketek
to secure yours. Have a great day, Uge

Ps-Andrzej you’ve got way too may shots this
morning…and you’d better get your Aquabumps tee orders in ASAP…xmas
is around the corner…buy

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our SE swell is rapidly running out of juice
as it drops overnight. Bondi is still very surfable at 7:30am with
waist to chest high waves frequently popping up. Seriously chaotic
large crowds in and out of the water enjoying this sensational summer’s
morning. Light winds tending moderate northeasterly in the morning
and freshening near the coast in the afternoon. 26 degrees today
and sunny. High tide 8:39am, Low tide 15:27.
It will be smaller tomorrow…but
a perfect beach day with sunny 30 degrees. There is some swell early
next week amigos…
Now you all know you want one…a new Aquabumps
tee. Click
to view and buy online, then we’ll post it out
to you all wrapped up in a pizza box with extra anchovy. Perfect
xmas gift…cause you don’t have to do a great deal!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When you’re in the desert and some one throws
you a cracker – it’s the best damn cracker you’ve ever had. Today
Hui threw us a cracker with 3-4 foot wind swell generated from last
night’s powerful south change. In contrast to the ankle biting dribbles
we’ve had of late…it looks like a fun…even if it’s onshore,
manky and well a bit all over the place. Middle Bondi had some rights
closer to the shore…a few peaks in the southern corner…so best
get out there as the winds will pick up and blow from the east making
mess of any joy. Tip: this wind swell ain’t hanging around. High
tide 8am; low tide 2:43pm, Max 25 degrees today becoming mostly
sunny this afternoon.
Soul Riders is on tonight at
North Bondi RSL kicking off at 8pm for Andrew Kidman’s prolific
‘Litmus’. Only $5 entry. Cheapest night out in town.
Oh yeah, did I mention Aquabumps tees would make a
great xmas pressie…especially when they come wrapped up in a pizza
box and can be sent anywhere? Check
it out

Another xmas pressie idea – a set of fibreglass xrated
Later, Uge

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Your toughest decision today should be what colour
Aquabumps tee to buy
– not to surf or not to surf. Waves are pretty much non-existent
this morning with shore slappers (and I’m not talking about Sammy
and Mannie standing on the waters edge). Every 10 minutes a waist
high set rocks in breaking right on the shore…Apparently with
an afternoon south change we might see an increase in swell height,
but really…you’re dreaming if you think you’re going to score
today. Its going to be a deluxo 27 degrees and mainly sunny today
(chance of thunderstorm later tonight with the south change)…so
if you’re already on holidays I’d seriously hit the beach – everyone
else is. Surf for the rest of the week…fughediaboit – it’s micro.
We’re in a flat spell and we’re all getting a bit cranky.
As mentioned yesterday, 20 year old Evelyn Miles
is the new Miss Bondi…click the big fat button below to view pics
from the finals…(you’ll all probably bring down my server
again frothas).

Later: Uge (ps…weird
spelling is intentional)

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Another sunny day without waves – sound familiar? It’s been some time since our last chunky swell and I hate to say it…but can’t see much hope on the radar for this week. The Bondi shorey was breaking around waist high with NE winds (light). It’s barely surfable…swim time.

Different tune over in Hawaii as the Pipe Masters kicks off last week in solid conditions. Aussie Danny Wills even defeated Kelly Slater in heat 8 of round one. Thanks Guy Harden for shots from Pipe in today’s report.
The 9th Annual Miss Bondi finals were held at the Beach Road Hotel on Saturday. Evelyn was crowned the new Miss Bondi in front of a large crowd. Gallery pics will be up on Aquabumps tomorrow. Easy tigers. Easy.
Later, Uge

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Friday, December 09, 2005

You probably fell off your chair when you checked
your email this morning and there sits the early bird Aquabumps
email that usually drifts in around lunchtime (ok sometimes later
depending how good the surf is)….ha.
It’s flat. Pancakes.
Another day of no surf and hot weather (max 27). In
fact, there’s not really going to be much to write about surfwise
until early next week. So best do something else – watch Style masters
DVD, go buy a new fish shape and wax it up, shopping with the girlie
(special bonus pts) – without whinging, find the bbq cover in the
neighbor’s yard, go to Hawaii for Pipe, visit Underwater
Australia Gallery’s
new Fish Soup Exhibition, stock up on the
new Aquabumps
tee range
in store now (this should be 1st), check out the Samsung
Surf Film festival
at Paddington RSL tonight, or Palm Beach
RSL tomorrow night…or do nothing.
Jack Johnson DVD winners….the answer
was a MANGO tree, and why? ’cause his album was
recorded at Mango Tree Studios. Winners: Damian Agnew, Lara Ackroyd,
Natalie Farnell, Mandy Creighton, Donna Jones, James Farnell, Sara
Palmer, Scott Jindrich, Brendan Donnelly.
Mega beach weather all weekend. Enjoy. Later,

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Surf. What surf. Nothing to see here. That south change last night brought nothing but a good night’s sleep. You might find a knee high scrap at an east facing beach – other than that – its a beach day with a fat 32 degrees and perfect sunshine. Not as cooking as the sweltering heat of yesterday…

Everyone’s gone a bit shark loco over our Tuesday’s night’s 12 foot guest. Phone rang off the hook yesterday and every journo in town wants those shark pics. Think Dan Matthewson wants to hide under a rock. An additional 10,000 people checked out Aquabumps yesterday (record 25,000 visitors in 1 day) and we broke the daily subscription record with 600 newbies. Everybody loves a shark story…
Don’t forget the Wonderland Crew are throwing a New Year’s Eve party at the Eastern. Click here to see the flyer
Aaannnd the Samsung Australian Surf Film Festival hits Maroubra Seals tonight 7pm. More info
Christmas is coming…if you’re like me and hate shopping, how about buying everyone you know an Aquabumps photographic print online and we’ll mail it to you before Christmas (so you don’t have to leave your chair). But you’ll have to get your orders in over the next couple of days to ensure xmas delivery. Check out the Aquabumps GOLD COLLECTION.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Different morning down at Bondi today. No waves.
Zip. Barely anyone in the water…no swimmers doing laps of the
bay, very few shore paddlers. What’s up?
Well we had a special guest last
night at Bondi – not Rasta, not Taj… just a large shark around
the south headland at 6pm. The shark faffed about, headed into Mackenzie’s
Bay, had a sniff around before being disturbed by a brave Anthony
Carroll on the beachies jetski. Around 50 onlookers from
the cliff witnessed the special visit…thanks to Dan Matthewson
for snapping a few shots for the bumps.
Rod Kerr has been a lifeguard down
at Bondi for ten years. Rod reckons it’s the biggest he’s seen in
Bondi for a decade …calling it around 12 foot…Bronzer
or Tiger. It’s said the attraction was a spearfish man
burleying up off the south headland. No one hurt…the big fish
headed back out to sea in search for a snack. The beachies evacuated
the beaches nonetheless…
Surf Forecast:: The next time we’ll get surf in Sydney
– Friday/Saturday small but surfable. Forget it until then me thinks
and just enjoy the steamy weather.
The Samsung Australian Surf Film Festival
hits Cronulla tonight at the Sharkies 7pm. More

Happy birthday to two crusty old men – Karl
Page (36 – doesn’t want anyone to know his age ’cause he
tells girls at the pub he’s in his twenties) and Tim Kelley…time
to order those mini mals boys. Mooowhahah…Later, ::Uge

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday’s mini south change kicked it up a notch (ok maybe half a notch)…it’s now not flat… but knee high dribbly bits mainly from the East. Good day for beginners…otherwise crank the work out in hope that a new swell will arrive later this week – which I think will happen. (Fri). Bureau of Meteorology reckon 31 today and fine (34 out in Penrith mmmmmm)…hit the beach I if these clouds dissipate. High tide 12:33, Low tide 19:32

I’ve emailed the winners of the x-rated fin comp, just waiting to hear back from everyone before announcing them. Only 15 of the 30 prizes have been claimed so far. We will re-draw if all not claimed.
A new range of Aquabumps tees are coming out this week…with the new logo…will be available on the online store SOON. So put some bullion aside and keep an eye out for them.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

She’s gonna be a hot one. Fat Thirty-1 degrees today. No surf to report… nada… dribbles… no wind… glassy… perfect for a dip. NW winds with a brief south change later today which should cool things a little. Not much swell this week – do other stuff.

Ramble – How about Friday nights storm that blanketed Sydney in a matter of minutes…see pic.
Heat 3Heat 3 of Miss Bondi was held at the Beach Road Hotel last Saturday. Check out the pics and come to the final this Saturday at 2pm.

JabulaniThis Wednesday night (7 Dec) at the Light Brigade from 7pm to midnight is a fundraiser to raise money for AIDS orphans in South Africa. If you would like more info email Leigh

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Friday, December 02, 2005

We all like Fridays…especially when you’re
wrapping up a decent weeks surfing in Sydney. We’ve pretty much
had waves every day of some sort…with a few monsters on Mondee.
That strange facial twitch has probably calmed…and you can stop
staring at the virtual buoys in hope of a peak.
Today we still have decent 3 foot sets at east exposed
beaches. Swell continues to pump from the ENE and Bondi had a tidy
little left running along the shore…It was cleaner and smaller
than exposed beaches…bit of fun on a board with some width (e.g.
Cloud cover will coat Sydney later today with rain
and thunderstorms and maybe a bit of hail (bring the washing in).
It’s a muggy day with top of 27 degrees and a late westerly
change. Oh and yup, there are still a few waves around tomorrow…smaller
on Sundee.
Samsung Australian Surf Movie Festival
– Take 4 heads to Harbord Diggers tomorrow night (3rd Dec)
and then Dee Why RSL on Sun 4th Dec. More

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today’s report is late…yup, but for a good reason…a special guest…

Today I caught up with one very chilled individual; Dave Rastovich who on a 7 hour stop-over in Sydney (on route to Hawaii) paddled out to flirt with today’s decent 3-4 footers from the east. 26 year old Rasta has a brilliant job…one to aspire to…he gets paid to surf and film at exotic locations around the world without the burden of having to compete on the world tour.
Riding a Dick Van Straalen single fin, he manages to busts fins out and hook into some stylish cutties making it look all too easy…a few years back he was a serious contender for the world title…but he’s not big on the hype, and rather be free to surf or do whatever he desires.
<rrrrzzip> Now back to standard stuff…I’ve closed the fin comp…and have the 30 winners. Once I have all their names I will post em’.

Hope you got a few today – was fun…later, uge

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