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Back on Air

I’ve been a bit quiet on here this week. Nah, I haven’t been indulging in the week of south swells. OK, maybe a couple quick cracks at it when you are all chained to your day jobs. It’s been a good week for surfers – plenty of chunks rolling into the bay. Low tide its […]

Storm brewing


Dark morning with heaps of low cloud. The surf looked a lot cleaner today but I didn’t see many good surfable waves – I reckon the 8:26 am high tide was killing it. Lower tides should be more fruitful. Like now (11:37 am as I tap out these fine words). Cooking ain’t really my thing […]

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Beau Walker lip grinds

El Junkyard

Perfectly ugly Bondi conditions – onshore, raining, empty. Waves around head high with some foaming peaks. It’s a roll of the dice, but you’d find some diamonds in the rough. Swell all week. Weather improves. Long period south swells later-ron. Nche wetsuits are having a massive sale – yep, 40% off everything.  Right now… go! This […]

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Volcanic thermal springs of Ischia

Glorious Rain

So good to see a decent rain in New South Wales. Let’s hope it’s not too late for our farmer’s dust bowls. Rain isn’t so great for shooting down at Bondi. So you’ll have to take my word for it – there’s waves, head high, new south swell, junkie – but not too bad at […]

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Rowan throwing out some morning heat

Icecream Headaches

When the North winds blow the water temps plummet. My sunrise swim was very invigorating with 16-degree water. The North winds also bring NE wind swell/chop (more chop than swell). Bondi faces the wrong way for today’s conditions, regardless there was a small wedge in the corner worth a riding. Loving the banks at Bondi […]

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Ice lips


Fortunately, the water temps have propped up a bit and it’s more inviting for a swim. Suns out and there are still remnants of swell dribbling into the banks. A longboard or foamier small board would suit today’s conditions. Get in, you’ll feel great afterwards. :: uge (yooj)

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I reckon you could fit a couple more. Good to see everyone going right on a left!

Happy Mondays

Mondays are different from all the other days in the week. Everyone is serious about work so the beaches are relatively quiet. It was a chilly start to the week (only 9 degrees at sunrise). The water will be a bone-rattling 16. There is some fun (small) waves about as the weekend’s swell is on the decline. […]

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Flat light

Normally I’m not into flat, bland light – but seeing we’ve had a mostly cloudless year with stark contrasty light – it’s a refreshing change! Waves: odd grovel weak peak. Go swimming Weather: its cleared and a cracker – booya. In Aquabumps Gallery we’ve got our all-new Winter Edit 2018 hanging. All images shot on my many […]

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Today is RUOK day. Are you ok? It’s a day dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, “R U OK?”, in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling. The surf isn’t OK today. […]

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Love Italy,here is good too!


The sun is rising earlier now and so are my daily emails. Bondi put on some morning colour and plenty of crew enjoying a (frosty) pre-work swim. The water is so cold for Sydney. WOW. I’d say the lowest it gets here. It’s always nice coming home to such a beautiful city. I love visiting other countries, but […]

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Italy last week, a quick tour


I’m back. Well kinda, the head is incredibly foggy with a jetlag curtain pulled down tight. I thought a Bondi swim would shake things up after a couple of days of travel. The 16-degree water sure was a shock after paddling around in The Med. Waves, yep. We got some. Waist to chest high variety […]

The hidden gems of Italy.


Buongiorno, I’m guessing you’re sick of seeing images of hot, summery waveless beaches in Europe. Well, this is my last post from Europe – promise. We’re heading home! We’re missing the groms, and I hear the weather has been amazing in Sydney. We’ve had an incredible two weeks. Europe in peak season is just so […]

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Blue Grotto, we snuck in before the lock down


We’re on the seductive island of Capri – which just hangs off the Amalfi Coast. Everyone loves this place and I find loads of Aussies here. The raw beauty of this island is breathtaking with enormous cliffs that jut directly from the sea. The water clarity is a constant ‘perfecto’ and water temp a salubrious […]

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The thermal spas in Ischia

Spinnaker Up

The Amalfi Coast is a rugged place. The volcanic stone cliffs are enormous, jutting directly from the sea – which gives the area it’s vast beauty. Sometimes you may have to climb thousands of steps with your suitcase in tow…just to get to your room or a beach club. Often you’ll arrive at dinner, huffing […]

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Busy even on a week day! Welcome to Italia

Ciao Ciao!

You all know I’m a big fan of Italy. Its coast is just so different from ours, I love shooting here. Everything just looks so good through the lens. No waves, but I enjoy focussing on different things. Within one hour of my arrival, I had a small window in good weather to shoot from […]

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