I’m guessing you’re sick of seeing images of hot, summery waveless beaches in Europe. Well, this is my last post from Europe – promise. We’re heading home! We’re missing the groms, and I hear the weather has been amazing in Sydney.

We’ve had an incredible two weeks. Europe in peak season is just so different to anything in Australia. I come here to refresh and open my eyes to the rest of the world. To clarify, I’m not on a PR junket or paid to be here, or anything like that. We’ve written our dream itinerary and will share some of our tips in subsequent posts (if you’re keen).

I will say, sailing the Amalfi coast and surrounding areas was exquisite. It’s like this coast was custom made for cruising. The distances between the islands and key locations are not far – just a couple of hours, and with the sails up, it’s so relaxing. Each stop you’ll be dining at the best seafood restaurants on the planet. You get to see so much more on a boat than you do when travelling on the land as the terrain is hard work on the Amalfi Coast – steps, hills and roads that barely fit cars. I will say, it’s diabolically expensive for Aussies. The Euro is a killer and Greeks and Italians have a special rate card for tourists.

I can’t wait to show you a video of Italy, as I filmed in quite a few locations.

My aerials images are shot from a helicopter (with me in it) and not a drone so I can blow them up huge in the gallery for your loungeroom walls. Also, it’s illegal and extremely dangerous to fly a drone directly over human crowds (e.g. beach) – I see it waaaay too much in Bondi and scares the daylights out of me.

A lot of you guys email me about Croatia – well, that’s booked in for 2019 (by boat).

Ciao Ragazzi :: ugio

The Krupp staircase, Capri


Ferrari Rosso, Italy


Marina Piccola, Capri


Italian paradise found. Look no further.


Nicky Verco checking out the private isola of Li Galli


All day long, bake bake bake


The swimming in caves is incredible.


Italy's version of our Bronte Bogey Hole


Italians will put a boat into anything


The next post will be surfacing from Bondi, Ciao


11 thoughts on “Costiera

  1. Great shots “Ugio”! Keen to get the full Italian itinerary. Did you self sail or have a skipper? Could you do it with the kids (6&9)?
    Cheers Cam

    1. Oh, and we hired a skipper – 150 euro a day plus tip. So worth it. Wouldn’t do it without a skipper or you will never get off the boat and lots of local knowledge required around anchorages.

  2. How did you rate Mykonos compared to everywhere you went in Italy? Would you go back? Where did you stay in Mykonos and would you recommend? Thanks Ugenio

  3. Nice to have the money to fly in helicopters hey? If you did a basic google you will find that drones are not that dangerous when the fall , and in fact their is no incidents reported as of yet I have found of injuries caused by failing drones. Pretty sure they would be banned pretty quickly if it was the case. Anyway your posy about drones reeks of bitterness. You are very lucky to have what you do …. I’m out from you posts

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for commenting on my website.

      You’re quite misinformed and misunderstood my editorial yesterday.
      Some of your opinions greatly worry me.

      I hope my comments below clarify:

      Nice to have the money to fly in helicopters hey?
      —- > This is my job, so yep, it’s nice to fly. I love it. Helicopters enable me to shoot in super high res so I can do huge gallery prints and cover loads of distance to find interesting subjects. I’ve been shooting from helicopters for over 12 years.

      If you did a basic google you will find that drones are not that dangerous when the fall ,
      —- > I don’t need to google – I’ve had two fall out of the sky. I’ve used drones for 10 years (since the first one came into the country.) I’ve had two lose control and drop out of the sky without warning (thankfully over the ocean and no one hurt) I’m also bearing scars on my right arm from a small DJI phantom hitting my arm when I was trying to catch it on a boat – nearly needed stitches.

      To believe drones are not dangerous is not true – they are extremely dangerous and a lot of care is needed to fly them. I worry about your opinion that they’re not dangerous.

      It’s like saying if you drop a 2kg brick from a building at 150ft high, over a crowd, its not dangerous! It will be lethal.

      and in fact their is no incidents reported as of yet I have found of injuries caused by failing drones.
      —- > That is not true Mark. You’re not looking very hard. There are horrible cases of accidents on youtube

      Pretty sure they would be banned pretty quickly if it was the case.
      —- > Yes, in some countries, like Italy where I was just shooting its illegal to shoot from drones over all Italian beaches. They see it as far too dangerous to fly objects over humans (local police can arrest you). Sadly, with the irresponsible flying at Bondi, it’s a matter of time before a new ruling comes in – I’ve spoken to CASA about this and most of their complaints in Sydney are from Bondi. The law is you can’t fly within 30 metres of humans , as they’re so dangerous – but everyone disregards this law. I got a warning for flying within 10 metres of humans (by accident as the human was reading a book behind a large rock). This morning I had one 3 metres above my head in the surf. I see drones flying on 50,000 people days at Bondi. This keeps me awake at night!

      Anyway your posy about drones reeks of bitterness.
      —- > bitterness? Not at all. Business is the best it’s been. I love drones and have several, why would I be bitter?
      Not quite sure where you are coming from.

      You are very lucky to have what you do ….
      —- > the harder I work, the luckier I get.

      I’m out from you posts – —- > no problem.

      Cheers, Eugene

      1. Well I’m trying to understand why you say drones are extremely dangerous when they have not caused any serious injuries I’ve been able to find . Actually you are more likely to be killed by a helicopter falling than a drone. You comments do undermine drones ( “MY “ photos from helicopters are much better ) . Your drone accident was from a big SLR . Fair enough that you have done well and deserve it . But really do you need to try to make people scared of drones and undermine the work of other drone photographers. Which the comments in your post have done .

        1. 30 seconds of google and found many incidents.
          To think they’re not dangerous is ludicrous. It’s a craft, in the air, with fast moving props.
          I am not making people scared of them – just saying I use helicopters for many reasons, as I am not a hobbist, I’m a fine art photographer.

          I reckon they will get banned at Bondi anyhow:

          Today I lady took off from a crowd on Bondi – right next to me at 6:20am. Then landed within 2 metres of humans. One slip of the controls – there’s an injury.


          The internet is filled with drone fails.

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