Matt Griggs indulging in some Indonesian blue

Black Hawk down

My mate Paulie and I had this great plan to document the Mentawai Islands from the air. We’ve spent about a year working on this idea, even acquired a remote controlled Octocopter that is large enough to carry one of my pro digi cameras and dragged all the gear up here into remote Indonesia. The plan has been working a treat….test flights ran perfectly and we were preparing for a low surfing shoot at HTs.

That is…until yesterday…

Mayday…Mayday…Black Hawk Down!

For some strange reason Black Hawk plummeted to it’s death in the middle of the ocean without any warning. All diagnostics showed a healthy happy chopper, then the next minute it dropped out of the sky like a lead weight.

R.I.P Black Hawk.

:: uge

PS – There will be a Black Hawk II, don’t worry. Oh, the surf is pumping up here as well.

The last photo taken by the Black Hawk before committing suicide

The lineup at Telescopes – how about that lagoon

Indonesia perfection

Catarina, she’s travelling around here for 2 years fellas (alone)

Stall; drag the hand and wait for the cover

Paulie Borrud. Black Hawk down and not happy

13 thoughts on “Black Hawk down

  1. I remember having a few pumping days at Telescopes… am sure do the 90 other guys on the other 8 boats parked up there. Nothing like that heart sinking feeling as you turn the corner and behold that spectacle…

  2. Coincidence maybe… but yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the Blackhawk accident in Townsville. RIP boys.

  3. Sorry to hear about Black Hawk I, am very concerned you may have lost your camera gear although you didn’t mention it, so hopefully not.

  4. Great to see Paul living the life after cashing out his Facebook cheque, once in a lifetime opportunity I’m very envious!

  5. Lucky you didn’t have a RED dangling off the Octocopter like my friends do here in Berlin –
    It’s fallen out of the sky a couple of times now too, luckily the camera survived.
    Looks like you’re doing it tough over there!

  6. Love that place sorry to say kind of glad one less camera revealing the place to the masses Would Hate to see another version of BALI destroy the place and beautiful people that live there.!

  7. Living in the Northwest of the States and getting a daily dose of OZ and the South Pacific makes the long winters more tolerable and seduces me onto an iron bird and back to the pleasure of another second summer every year.

  8. Hey ! just to say thanks for the still in Ht s. A Aussie friend found me in your site..Nice photos from air ! looks sick.
    Keep the good work see ya around.

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