Mentawai Islands. Escape


We’ve been pretty lucky up here so far. Couldn’t ask for better weather and waves (sorry, I heard it’s pretty ugly back home). The surf has been consistently above head high every day, sometimes bigger and the winds are favourable meaning plenty of options.

Today we’re anchored near Tuapajet, the capital of the Mentawai Islands chain. It’s no big city, a mere shabby village. Just out the front of the village is a world class left hander called Telescopes – one of the A-list breaks up here. It’s perfect…fast, tubing 200 metre ride.

Have a good day :: uge

Telescopes line up

Tom Plummer, ex Surfaid now Telescopes local

Mentawais –A newly married Matt Griggs blasting

Clear fin vision

Heard it’s been raining a bit in Sydney – not here!

Bank Vaults palms at sunset

5 thoughts on “Telescopes

  1. Uge- my brother is up there sailing on his yacht and was at Telescopes yesterday- is there an old schooner called Kelolo anchored nearby- he reckons he is getting epic waves but is yet to send a photo thru?

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