The Mentawai Islands of Indonesia


Welcome back to paradise folks… today’s Aquabumps escape is being transmitted off the back of charter boat Tengirri in Indonesia. We’re currently 90 miles off the Sumatran coastline amongst the remote Archipelago of Mentawai that hosts some of the best waves in the world. We’ve been here together quite a few times…

Why is it so good here?

Swell consistency – The roaring forties off South Africa supply this area with clean, long period swells for most of the year. April, May and June are particularly good months to be here but you can get lucky at anytime of the year really.

Light variable winds – we’re just below the equator so the winds are favourable most of the time.

Good line ups – lots of islands means lots of coastline and plenty of points and angled reefs for clean swells to grind down. There are 45 breaks to surf in the 100 kilometres of Archipelago.

Remote – it’s in the middle of nowhere and quite hard to get to – meaning fewer surfers.

Warm – the water temperature resembles a spa – 28 degrees. A nice escape from the Aussie winter.

Today we spent most of the day surfing super fun 3-4 footers. Good start. Plenty more to come.

Adios:: uge

PS – some of the photos today were taken by Phil (owner) of Tengirri. If I don’t plug him my dinner portions halve.

Critter from Pit Stops

Get shacked. This is what it looks like.

Bank Vaults, time to get a move on

The Vault. Lock in.

Mentawai Islands. Swinging in the trees.

Love to see you get out of this one brother…

4 thoughts on “Men-tay-wee

  1. funny one by uge there, said he would be back in Bondi the rest of the year after about a month ago.
    Awesome shots but.

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