Bondi Icebergs, around lunchtime


It’s late on a Friday and you’re about to slip into weekend mode. By now you would have worked out that it’s a cracker day outside. Make the most of it as rain is headed our way – again. Yep, 10pm tonight it will soak Sydney until lunchtime tomorrow. There’s some fun waves in town, […]

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The dozer is back! Will it bring the joy?

Cat D10

A large Cat D10 bulldozer goes for anywhere between $400k and a mil. I reckon that’s a good investment in our mental well being. Shall we all chip in? Hear me out. Once upon a time, there were sandy dunes that connected the Bondi Valley to Rose Bay. Those natural dunes are now tonnes of […]

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Out there! Blake Thornton on his 12th solid tube for the morning

All Seasons

Finally, we’ve got some clean conditions and Sydney has good waves. I would expect most beaches to have something decent to ride with swells breaking in the 3 to 5 foot range. Swell direction is SE, winds light from the WSW – which is grooming the ocean nicely, a pleasant reprieve from the recent storms! […]

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Wylies Baths textures


A pretty ugly day outside with constant rain, howling winds and completely windblown surf. There’s some chunk in the bump, six-footers on offer, but it’s wiiiiiild. I suggest waiting until it calms down. I hope the sand is moving around; we need a change at Bondi – please. A great day to crank the work […]

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Good morning Tamarama


It’s been a tough week for us surfers due to a lack of swell. I bet there are some cranky pant foam riders reluctantly working from home…looking very detached in their zoom calls. I bring good news; next week has plenty of swell – but also plenty of onshore wind (and rain). I don’t care, […]

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Slight fog with pastel hues - cracker start to the day today


On my morning shoot I got a talking to, by the two Johns, they’re not happy with the standard of imagery coming out of Aquabumps on the daily – and want me to lift my game. (Insert record scratch sound effect here). Well, I would like a little more variety and quality with waves at […]

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North Bondaka


We’ve got a nice, clean morning down the beach. The onshore wind system has finally moved on, and a gentle NW breeze has been grooming the ocean for your morning swim. There’s kinda of a wave in the middle, in front of the tower, but it’s a super fat right that draws you into a […]

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Lessons, Bondi 6:30am


I’ve been trying to write some engaging copy about today. Normally I can bang it out (typos and all) in a matter of minutes. Not today, today’s a bit harder. It’s onshore with 6 knots of easterly (straight in). That wind will kick around to the north (around 1 pm), providing cleaner conditions this afternoon […]

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Aerial Outtakes

Today’s not the most photogenic day. Onshore, rainy, 1 foot slop sums up what I saw down the beach this morning. The good news is its gonna clear, but the onshore flow will remain until at least tomorrow afternoon. During our Covid Winter I spent quite a bit of time flying around in helicopters, shooting. […]

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Pockets of golden light at Ross Jones Pool, Coogee


It’s been a while since we’ve had a overcast start to the day, thankfully. Today’s a bit drab as the southerly came in early, and its howling. The temperatures have dropped and it was extremely hard to find a surfable wave in the Eastern Suburbs. Warm day tomorrow (but cloudy) and rain forecasted for Sunday. […]

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North Bondi, dripping in golds. 7am this morning

Gold Plated

It was excruciating to watch a fresh batch of SE swell roll into Bondi without a single sandbank working. We have shoulder high waves this morning, but not a rideable peak on the entire beach. The morning high tide forced any wave energy into a tooobing shorey. What a shame…cheer up – breathe…breathe it’s gonna […]

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Mottled skies, Bronte


Today is not a surf day. It’s one foot (a very small person’s foot) – and onshore. Much cooler in comparison to yesterday and partly cloudy. Max land temperature 21°East swell.South wind 9 knots.Sunrise was 6:14 am I’d like to think you may be able to surf a 2 footer tomorrow. The forecast is for […]

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Burst! Bondi

Baby Oil

We have one foot of Easterly swell with barely a breath of wind this morning. Perfect, wasn’t it? Well, perfect for a swim. I reckon if we had a sand bank at south, it would have actually broke for mal riders….instead it was surging up on to the shore, and plonking. The sunshine is in […]

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Free Beach


I’m back in town. I leave Bondi for two weeks, and all hell breaks loose? There’s a media storm around a roped-off area on the sand for paying guests, a new cantilevered photography viewing platform at the South Bondi (looooove it) and the North Bondi Broadwalk works looks close to completion. But still, no sandbanks at […]

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