I’ve been trying to write some engaging copy about today. Normally I can bang it out (typos and all) in a matter of minutes. Not today, today’s a bit harder.

It’s onshore with 6 knots of easterly (straight in). That wind will kick around to the north (around 1 pm), providing cleaner conditions this afternoon at Bondi.

The swell was limping in, breaking around 1-2 foot. (2 foot would be generous). It looks weak and just flopping on a middle bank without many opportunities to do much on it. Good if you’re learning OR a very enthusiastic human with plenty of spare time. (e.g. Dan)

It was sprinkling all morning, cloudy…cool.

Sadly the swell radar isn’t showing much and South Bondi still isn’t close to breaking. I’m considering my options if we don’t get a bank for summer (soon) – Foiling? Longboarding? Cycling? What are you thinking? Just look at today – 1 year ago – and you will see what South Bondi normally looks like at this time of year!

Stay healthy – stay apart, uge

See, this is what South Bondi usually looks like...

I see gold, sometimes down at Bondi


Dazzle likes to be warm!


Annual seagull conference, Bondi


Not sure what is going on at North Bondi SLSC today - but the new outfits are wrong.com

Twin turbo


Ben Buckler, nice light


Swim time

Flags up north

Dan the man


Not a fancy ride


Would you surf that? Really?


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